Junior/Senior Year

Capstone Classroom Research Project

As ACTION students enter the final two years of their undergraduate program, there is one additional opportunity for them in their quest to become exceptional teachers. Scholars engage in an action research project that is focused on some aspect of teaching.

During junior year, students investigate the nature of action research. In turn, they formulate a research question and complete a review of the research literature prior to submitting a proposal for a project. 


Then, during senior year, participants consider methods and instruments to investigate their research questions and identify subjects for their study.  Research is then conducted in a middle school or high school science or mathematics classroom during methods or student teaching. Each student works one-on-one with a faculty mentor throughout the two-year process. At the conclusion of the project a research paper is prepared and presented with the possibility of publication.

Students receive one hour of tuition credit for each year of the Capstone Project so these unique opportunities will be evident to future employers on their college transcripts.

Updated: 12/02/2017 03:11AM