Sophomore Year

Science or Mathematics Practicum Project in a Business or Industry

Second year scholars in the ACTION program complete a practicum experience (short-term internship project) in a company or agency. This experience in the workplace enhances their ability to answer questions from future students such as, “Why do I need to learn this?” or “How will this be important in my future job?”

BGSU has an excellent education program and is highly ranked for its preparation of teachers. However, this on-the-job experience is something that even most other BGSU teacher candidates will not experience. This enables ACTION students to keep a step ahead of their peers.


Approximately 20 hours of practicum experience is required and can be completed during the summer, fall, or spring terms of the sophomore year. ACTION scholars also submit project and reflection papers, and give an oral presentation to the other ACTION students so many can benefit from their experience.

Some of the past companies and projects include:

  • Lubrizol - Cost discrepancy analysis of various materials in surfactants used to make soap and detergents.
  • Environmental Water Engineering Company – Testing of water samples for different levels of microorganisms before and after chemicals are added to the water system.
  • City of Toledo Engineering Department – Tracking and analyzing trends in water main breaks that would help the city wisely spend their set aside funds for water main fixing.  
  • USDA Forest Service - Investigation of graphs and data of the Emerald Ash Borer population from three Ohio plots.
  • NASA - Examined heating rates and created output of varying heat incidents of a satellite at different altitudes.
  • Supplemental Staffing – Analysis and categorization of employment databases, review of commission process and evaluation of retention process.
  • Conagra – Data collection to measure the efficiency and capability (accuracy) of Slim Jim stuffer machines.
  • US Geological Survey – Water quality analysis on Grand Lake Saint Marys including collecting samples, performing bacteria and turbidity tests, entering data, and comparing measurements to create predictions.      
Students receive one hour of tuition credit for their ACTION practicum. 

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