Thank you for your interest in a Residence Life staff position at Bowling Green State University! BGSU is home to nearly 20,000 students, including nearly 6,000 students who live on campus.

Our office is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment that promotes students’ academic and personal success. To guide student-centered programs and services throughout the year, we focus on five priorities: academic success, safety and security, inclusivity, personal growth and engagement.

We employ 24 professional staff members in the areas of Housing Administration, Facilities, Budgeting, Marketing, Technology and Residence Education. All BGSU staff and positions play a critical role in student development and retention, making the on-campus living experience a critical piece of students’ college experience.

2019 Most Promising Places to Work in Student Affairs

A national recognition celebrating student affairs workplaces that are vibrant, diverse, supportive and committed to staff work-life balance, professional development and inclusive excellence. ~ Diverse Issues In Higher Education



The Office of Residence Life doesn't just offer positions for undergraduate students, individuals can start their career with us while in graduate school or after college.

Interested in applying for a Graduate Student or Professional position with the Office of Residents Life? We invite you to visit our Graduate and Professional Staff website where you will not only learn about the various positions we currently have available, you will also learn about the work environment and the community surrounding the University.

Graduate Student & Professional Positions



Student employment with the Office of Residence Life is a great way to gain work and leadership experience while still balancing your academic commitments. Interested in applying for a Student Staff position with the Office of Residents Life? Check out the following positions we are currently hiring for.

The hiring process for the majority of our positions start the year prior to the position start date. But, we do have a few positions that we accept applications for throughout the current academic school year and we also start hiring for our summer positions during the Spring Semester. It's important to look at the position date tab closely to understand when the job term will be for the positions listed under each tab.

Resident Advisor

This position is a part-time paraprofessional staff member of the Office of Residence Life who lives in an assigned residence hall. The Resident Advisor is directly supervised by the Residence Hall Director and Graduate Hall Director. The Resident Advisor keeps the supervisor informed of activities, problems and needs of the residents and the community. The Resident Advisor gets to know residents and the larger residential community to build an engaged, safe and inclusive environment for academic success and personal growth. The Resident Advisor helps to establish and maintain open lines of communication between residents of the hall and the Office of Residence Life. This appointment is for one full academic year.

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Student Desk Manager

Must have at least one year of service as a Resident Advisor or Desk Clerk at BGSU | The Student Desk Manager is responsible for leadership and supervision of the operations of a BGSU Residence Hall Front Desk. The Student Desk Manager is also responsible for providing administrative support to the Hall Director and Graduate Hall Director/Graduate Leadership Coordinator. This person should be able to demonstrate effective skills in communication, leadership, administration and must understand and be sensitive to the needs of others.

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Resident Success Mentor

The Resident Success Mentor (RSM) is responsible for developing positive, supportive relationships with residential students participating in mentorship groups or facing challenges related to their ability to succeed at BGSU (academic or personal). Residential Success Mentors will work with small groups of students of specific, self-identified populations such as students of color, first-generation college students, LGBTQIA+ students, and international students or students seeking assistance with a particular academic skill such as time management, note-taking, and study skills.

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Hall Desk Clerk

Always accepting applications | This is an undergraduate position that assists the Residence Hall Staff in the daily operation of a Residence Hall. The DC works under the supervision of the Student Desk Manager (SDM) and performs a variety of clerical tasks, general operational services for residents and visitors, and a variety of safety tasks. DCs may be asked to work a variety of hours to accommodate the coverage needs of the Residence Hall. Principle responsibilities include clerical tasks, operational services, safety tasks and general functional area responsibilities.

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Hall Ambassador

Not currently accepting applications. | The HA reports to the Marketing Coordinator and works with Hall Directors, Graduate Hall Directors, Resident Advisors, hall staff and volunteers to effectively communicate with hall residents, maintain marketing/communication messaging, facilitate hall and room tours and handle tasks relative to liaison services for the Office of Residence Life and recruitment.

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Move-in Coordinator

Application has not opened yet. | The Move-in Coordinator is a part-time paraprofessional staff member in the Office of Residence Life who works up to 28 hours per week during the summer to prepare for August move-in. This position will coordinate the move-in process, arrival and provide administrative support to the Coordinator for Leadership and Administration..  

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Summer Assistant

Application has not opened yet. | The SA is seen as the face of the University during the summer months. The SA is the first contact to conference guest, and has the responsibility to provide strong customer service, while upholding the University’s standards and polices. The SA works hourly shifts completing front desk duties, as well as camp inspections and check-ins/check-outs.

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Summer Team Leader

Application has not opened yet. |  TLs serve as part of the leadership team for summer conferences and will assist in managing the administrative processes. The TL works directly with Summer Hall Directors to operate the assigned residence halls. In addition, the TL is to provide administrative support to the Assistant Director and Coordinator overseeing the summer programs. 

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Guiding Statements and Philosophy

We understand great hiring decisions are critical to our overall success. Our recruitment process is taken seriously and we select only those students who are motivated to learn and contribute to other students’ growth. We take great care in our recruitment and selection process and always hire with an emphasis on developing a long-term relationship between the student and the University. Our focus is on helping students acquire the skills and experience needed to become successful leaders.

We look for candidates with academic excellence, solid communication skills, inclusivity awareness, and self-motivation. We also want our staff to be well-rounded individuals with the desire to contribute to the university, explore personal interests, and excel in areas outside campus. The diversity of our staff has a significant and positive impact on the climate of the residence halls and the students living in them.

The Office of Residence Life Recruitment and Selection Committee strives to recruit and select student staff candidates who:

  • have solid oral and written communication skills
  • have the ability to think critically
  • have a desire to help other students
  • personally and professionally maintain the academic and co-curricular mission of BGSU
  • are self-aware and socially conscious
  • are academically sound
  • manage student concerns
  • understand the expectations of the position

The Office of Residence Life Recruitment and Selection Committee aspires to develop self-aware Resident Advisors, Community Assistants, Student Desk Managers, Academic Peer Mentors and SMART Team Leaders and Mentors who positively contribute to the BGSU community.

The Office of Residence Life Recruitment and Selection Committee believes it is incredibly important to be upfront about how we hire. Being open about our process, the characteristics we look for, and the actual process from an applicant’s perspective will lead to great talent, foster great teamwork, and build a “dream team” that is fit for our culture and results in a happy, healthy and motivated team.

The Office of Residence Life discovers student leaders in the following ways:

·       Referrals from current and former ORL staff members, BGSU faculty and staff

·       Peers (other students)

·       Student Organizations

·       Marketing

·       Applications and interviews

·       Hall Council involvement

·       Residence Hall programs

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