Current Residents


Work Order Requests

Residents should use the following forms based on where they live on campus to have beds lowered or raised, report maintenance issues in their room or in the building, insect sightings or suspected insects and more. 

We take any insect reports VERY seriously. Please follow these steps so we can respond quickly to your report.

  1. Fill out the proper work order.
  2. Notify your residence hall staff immediately. This can be the front desk, an RA/CA, Graduate Hall Director or Hall Director.
    • Greek Village's front desk is located at Conklin Hall.
    • University Apartments' front desk is located at Falcon Heights.
  3. Don't spread rumors. Trained staff will connect with you ASAP to identify the problem and come up with a quick solution. 

Housing Options And Fees

There are many housing options available to students. Make sure to check out our various residence halls to determine where you would like to live. Learn more


Apply for Housing

Housing selection information for Returning Students is available. Use the guide to help you through the process. Learn more

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Housing During Breaks

The University closes for holiday recess throughout the year and we encourage students to visit family and friends, and to enjoy the holiday break. Learn more

Learning Communities

Learning Communities

If BGSU was a city, a Learning Community would be your neighborhood and your next-door neighbors are your new best friends down the hall. Learn more