Summer Assistant

Brief Description

Summer Assistant (SA) | The SA is seen as the face of the University during the summer months. The SA is the first contact to conference guest, and has the responsibility to provide strong customer service, while upholding the University’s standards and polices. The SA works hourly shifts completing front desk duties, as well as camp inspections and check-ins/check-outs.


  • $10.00 per hour during work hours
  • Provided an on-campus room to live in during the summer
  • $150 Falcon Dollars to assist with meals
  • Number of open positions: 30

Please note: SAs must live in on-campus housing during the employment period.

START DATE | May 1, 2022

Duration of Employment | May 1 - Aug. 10, 2022
Move-in Date | April 29-May 1, 2022*
Training | May 2-13, 2022

* Staff will move into their rooms as they become available. Staff can continue living in their current room until they receive their new assignment.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Must have, and maintain, a 2.5 term and cumulative GPA.
  • Must be a full-time, enrolled student.
  • Must be able to pass the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) background check.
  • Cannot currently be on Residence Life Employment Probation, Resident or University Student Conduct Probation or Academic Probation.

SA Job Duties

  • Provide the highest level of customer service and ethical decision making
  • Serve as an ambassador/recruiter for Bowling Green State University
  • Assist with the day-to-day operations of conferences housed in a residence halls (i.e. administrative duties, working the front desk, etc.)
  • Serve on-call (overnight in assigned buildings)
  • Work check-in and check-out of conferences
  • Prepare buildings for conference usage
  • Close down buildings at the end of the summer conference season
  • Communicate polices/procedures to conference guests
  • Submit maintenance concerns and report any emergency situations
  • Responsible for keeping accurate logs and house books
  • Assist custodial team with building inspections between conferences
  • Attend mandatory training sessions and staff meetings
  • Occasionally work overnight shifts
  • Perform general clerical and safety tasks including key and access control
  • Assist with linens (i.e. counting, distribution, etc.)
  • Complete duties assigned in the Central Office of Residence Life
  • Other duties as assigned (i.e. lifting, carrying/moving luggage, boxes, etc.)

2020 Application Process

There are many steps to the application process. To help you better understand the timeline, please review the schedule below:

Step 1
Application is OPEN for Summer 2022 | Interested applicants should apply now. Application closes March 13.
Step 2 Applicants will receive an email by Friday, March 18 to let them know if their application will be moved onto the next stage of the process.
Step 3 Interviews will be scheduled and will take place between March 14-March 19.
Step 4              Applicants will be emailed with the status of their candidacy no later than April 1.

Please note: All position information, including the compensation, are subject to change. The information provided on this page is a reflection of the current academic school year position. If you have any questions about the Application Process, please email us at Thank you for your interest in the position!

Updated: 03/04/2022 10:48AM