Upgrading the BGSU RNA website

Recent progress:

  • Weekly updates are running smoothly, processing new RNA-containing 3D structures in mmCIF format.
  • WebFR3D has a new "unified search" that can be run on individual structures or a representative set of structures.  It is faster than the older WebFR3D pages and works more reliably.
  • The standalone Matlab version of R3D Align is updated and available on GitHub.
  • JAR3D is working on release 3.2 of the RNA 3D Motif Atlas.

Known issues as of February 2020:

  • The RNA 3D Motif Atlas has not been updated in several years
  • Structure Atlas pages do not display hairpin, internal, or 3-way junction loop motifs
  • Web R3D Align is not working
  • We don't post very often on Twitter

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Updated: 02/16/2020 08:03PM