Using New Tools for Predicting 3D Structural Motifs

Using New Tools for Predicting 3D Structural Motifs in Non-coding RNAs”

Abstract: This session covers prediction of RNA 3D structure from sequence. Participants will learn about new resources which organize RNA 3D structures and known RNA motifs. Participants will get RNA sequences, fold them using standard programs, and use a new tool called JAR3D to predict the 3D structures of the internal and hairpin loops.

Tutorial level: Introductory/Advanced

Requirements: The intended audience is molecular and systems biologists interested in non-coding RNAs, RNA 3D structure, and RNA function. Participants should bring their own laptops and an interest in RNA structure and function. After an initial overview of RNA 3D structure, the workshop will provide hands-on instruction in the navigation of the author’s website and use of their software.

Tutorial materials and handouts

Updated: 12/02/2017 02:24AM