WebFR3D Update

This week we are rolling out an update to WebFR3D, which includes several enhancements:

1. Seamless integration with FR3D

In the past upgrading FR3D, the computational engine powering WebFR3D, was done fairly rarely, and as a result improvements in FR3D basepair annotations and search algorithms were not making their way to WebFR3D. Now the official FR3D repository is included in WebFR3D as a submodule, which allows for much better control over what version of the software is deployed.

2. Integration with RNA 3D Hub

Since the beginning it was possible to use WebFR3D to search non-redundant lists of RNA 3D structures. However, these lists had to be updated manually and this wasn’t done regularly. Now WebFR3D is integrated with the Non-redundant Atlas, which is a part of RNA 3D Hub. The non-redundant lists are automatically updated every week.


3. Other improvements

Please let us know if you encounter any problems with WebFR3D by using the contact form, by submitting an issue on Github, or by tweeting at RNA 3D Hub.

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Symbolic search

Updated: 12/02/2017 02:24AM