RNA 3D Hub

RNA 3D Hub is an online resource for RNA structural annotations.

  1. RNA Structure Atlas - structural annotations of all RNA-containing 3D structures.
  2. RNA 3D Motif Atlas - a representative collection of recurrent RNA 3D internal and hairpin loop motifs extracted from a representative set (non-redundant set) of structures.
  3. Representative sets (non-redundant Lists) of RNA 3D structures - PDB files grouped into equivalence classes by molecule type, organism, and resolution.

RNA Basepair Catalog

RNA Basepair Catalog is a collection of exemplars of the 12 geometric basepair families from the Leontis-Westhof classification.

RNA Base Triple Database

RNA Base Triple Database is a comprehensive collection of base triples found in RNA 3D structures (Pubmed)

RNA Base-phosphate Catalog

RNA Base-phosphate Catalog is a comprehensive collection of base-phosphate interactions annotated by FR3D.  Base-ribose interactions use the same numbering system for locations on the base.


Download data using the instructions at this site.

Updated: 02/02/2024 11:45PM