mmCIF files incorporated into representative sets

Each week our pipeline downloads new 3D structures from PDB, annotates them, and organizes them into equivalence classes of 3D structures.  Each equivalence class lists 3D structures of the same molecule or molecular complex from the same organism, using sequence identity and 3D structure to verify that the structures in each equivalence class belong together.  From each equivalence class we select one structure to act as the representative of the class, and the collection of all such representatives is called the “representative set”.  We used to refer to this as a “non-redundant list” or “nrlist” but “representative” is a better description of what the list accomplishes.  Equivalence classes and representative sets have been calculated back to December 5, 2014 as they would have been as the structures were released.  Release numbers since December 5, 2014 are in the 2.x series.


Updated: 12/02/2017 02:24AM