BGSU RNA Structural Bioinformatics

3D coordinates of RNA internal loop, with basepair interaction diagram

Structural Databases

Representative sets and equivalence classes of RNA-containing 3D structures.

Structural annotations for all atomic-resolution RNA 3D structures deposited in PDB/NDB, including FR3D basepairing and base-stacking annotations and internal, hairpin, and 3-way junction loops.

RNA 3D Motif Atlas, a representative collection of RNA 3D motifs.

Web Applications

WebFR3D is the online version of FR3D, a program for symbolic and geometric searching of RNA 3D structures.

JAR3D is an application for predicting RNA 3D motifs in sequences and sequence alignments.

R3D Align is a web application for detailed global nucleotide to nucleotide pairwise alignments of RNA 3D structures.

Updated: 11/25/2020 10:00AM