Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent enrollment at Bowling Green State University and the University of Toledo allows a student with at least a 2.0 GPA to take courses at both universities and receive credit toward a degree. To be enrolled concurrently during a single term, a student must be registered for at least one course at both institutions. If a Bowling Green student takes all courses at Toledo during a single term, then that student must register at the University of Toledo as a transient or guest student. See the BGSU student policy in regards to being enrolled as guests at another institution. University of Toledo students are admitted to BGSU as guest students to participate in this program.

Under this policy, the university that has most recently granted formal admission to the student is designated as the home university. The other university is the host institution.

A student registering for at least one course at both universities and for eight hours or more of coursework at the home university shall pay all fees to the home university. If a student registers for fewer than eight hours at the home university, instructional, general, and nonresident fees are to be paid at the separate universities. Special course fees are payable to the teaching institution.

All coursework taken under concurrent registration will be registered at each university. It will be included in the calculation of a student's grade point average at the home university. Students must obtain the approval of the proposed course work from the Office of the Dean of their college before enrolling in concurrent courses at the University of Toledo.

Coursework completed at the University of Toledo may not be used to delete an "F" or other low grades previously earned at Bowling Green State University in grade point average computation.

Guest Application Form  University of Toledo students ONLY must submit guest application along with Concurrent Enrollment Application below.

Concurrent Enrollment Application Form BGSU and UT students wishing to participate will need to complete application and submit to their home university to initiate processing.  College Dean/Advisor Approval is required prior to submitting.

Please scan and email to or Fax to 419-372-7977.

Questions?  Contact Registration and Records @419-372-8441

Last Updated: 7/6/2020

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