Military Call-up Procedures

 Military Call-up Checksheet (printable Adobe PDF)

Students who are enrolled in classes and who are members of the Reserves, National Guard or other branches of the military may be called to serve. The following procedures are to be applied in this situation. Any administrative action is contingent upon a copy of military orders being received by the Office of Registration and Records.

Students must contact the Office of Registration and Records where they will be assisted with the following processes.

  1. A student who does not have time to make the necessary arrangements may authorize another person to act on his/her behalf. A letter signed by the student or a power of attorney is required.
  2. A student who is required to report on or after the first day of final exam week will be allowed to complete his/her course work early and must contact individual professors to make arrangements.
  3. A student who is required to report prior to the first day of final exam week. The student must provide a copy of the military orders indicating a report date that is prior to the first day of final exam week. Students must choose between the following options:
Remain enrolled in classes for the semester and either:

Complete course requirements early

In this case,
  • Students make individual arrangements with faculty members.
  • Course work is completed prior to reporting for duty.
  • Earned final grades are reported by the faculty members.

Or complete course requirements at a later date.

In this case,
  • A notation of "in Progress" (IP) is recorded in the place of a grade. The IP notation will be changed to an "Incomplete" (I) grade after the student is readmitted to BGSU.
  • The student contacts faculty members and completes course requirements after returning from duty.
  • The college office is encouraged to grant an extension of one semester following the student's return to campus for completing incomplete work.
Remain enrolled in class(es) and drop other class(es)
  • Students complete classes according to the procedures listed above.
  • Students drop other classes by appeal through their college offices. This may be done on a WP basis even if the mid-semester deadline has passed.
 Withdraw from all classes for the semester
  • Each class will be dropped from the student's record.
  • The following notation will be printed on the transcript for the semester: "Student called to serve in the military."

Students will be eligible to be readmitted to the University after completion of their active duty.

Room fees will be refunded at 100% for students who withdraw and on a prorated basis for students keeping their registrations. Meal plan balances will be refunded.

Books purchased from Falcon Outfitters may be returned. Students should contact Falcon Outfitters to make individual arrangements for refund amounts.

The Office of Registration and Records will notify the Veteran Benefits Administration about withdrawals and last dates of attendance for students who are receiving educational benefits.

The student's financial aid status will be reviewed by the Office of Student Financial Aid in accordance with applicable federal, state, and BGSU refund policies.

Any refunds for tuition and fees will be reviewed and calculated by the Office of the Bursar.

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