Web Identity Guidelines

The following guidelines apply to the placement and usage of the base components of an official BGSU web site. The base components are the BGSU logo, global navigation and the University footer.

All University and University-related web pages must have the BGSU logo in the top left corner, coded with a link back to the University main site. Global navigation links are required along the top of the page. Quick links and search tools are required in the top right corner and bottom left corner, respectively. The University footer is also required across the bottom of the page.

The usage guidelines for other logos (such as the Falcon logo or University seal) on visual communications also applies to Web sites. However, academic/administrative area logotypes are limited to use on the body portion of a page and can NEVER be used in the top left corner.

Web Fonts

Verb is the primary type font and Helvetica Neue is the secondary type font on BGSU web style sheets. Each end-user’s Internet browser will select the appropriate typeface for their system.

Font colors can vary; for light background areas, black, brown, and grey are permittable. For dark background areas, white and tan are permittable. Orange should only be used as a font color for links on a webpage.

Black: RGB: (0,0,0), HTML: #000000
Grey: RGB: (102,6,0), HTML: #666666
Brown: RGB: (79,44,29), HTML: #4FC1D

White: RGB: (255,255,255),  HTML: #FFFFFF
Tan: RGB (245,231,216), HTML: #F5E7D8

Orange Link: RGB (244,121,51), HTML: #FF7300

Web Colors

BGSU’s color values are stated in the Official Identity Colors. A palette of acceptable web colors has been selected to complement the official identity colors and only these web colors can be used on official BGSU web sites.  

Primary BGSU Brand Colors

BGSU Orange

RGBA Color:  244,121,51,1.0
HTML Color: #FF7300


RGBA Color: 245,231,216,1.0
HTML Color: #F5E7D8

BGSU Brown

RGBA Color: 79,44,29,1.0
HTML Color: #4F2C1D

Supporting BGSU Colors

Light Grey

RGBA Color: 242,242,242,1.0
HTML Color: #F2F2F2

Dark Grey

RGBA Color: 63,63,63,1.0
HTML Color: #3F3F3F


RGBA Color: 0,0,0,1.0
HTML Color: #000000

For Web guidelines, use policies, templates and resources contact the Office of Marketing and Communications at 419-372-2616.

Outside groups and affiliations must work through the Office of Marketing and Communications to create any web presence within the BGSU brand.