BGP Course Coordinators

BGP Canvas course shell templates contain BGP assessment information, the BGP learning outcomes associated with the course, and the rubric(s) to be used to assess BGP learning outcomes within the course.  As the BGP course coordinator, you will need to create the BGP Canvas course template and upload all BGP assessment information mentioned above.  This pdf. outlines step-by-step directions on (1) how to set up the BGP course template in Canvas and (2) how faculty can import BGP assessment information and rubrics from the BGP course shell template into their own Canvas course.

How to Develop the BGP Course Shell Template  

Click here for the BGP Course Coordinator Guide

How to Request a Change to Your BGP Course Assessment Plan (Course Coordinators)

Please send a request to Dr. Jessica Turos, Office of Academic Assessment.  

Updated: 03/04/2021 03:56PM