Pre-Mortuary Science

What is “Pre-Mortuary Science”?

“Pre-Mortuary Science” is a term used to describe students who either plan to enter a Mortuary Science school after graduating from college or after completing a minimum of 60 hours required for entrance. When a student is “Pre-Mortuary Science”, they are not only taking the classes required for admission to study Mortuary Science, but they also have a major in a specific subject matter area.

What courses are required for admission to Mortuary Science school?

Students are responsible for verifying all pre-requisite courses with the Mortuary Science school of their choice. Typically, Mortuary Science school admissions committees require the following courses to be taken in college:

• One semester of English composition (GSW 1120)*
• One year of anatomy and physiology (BIOL 3310 and 3320)*
• One semester of general, organic or biochemistry (CHEM 1090 and 1100)
• One semester of public speaking (COMM 1020)
• One semester of college algebra (MATH 1220)*
• One semester of introductory psychology (PSYC 1010)
• One semester of social science (SOC 1010)
• Nine hours of humanities and arts courses
• Eight hours of business level courses
• Three hours of upper level  psychology courses
• Three hours of upper level sociology courses

*pre-requisite(s) required for this course

Students should be aware that a series of vaccinations will be required prior to entrance to a mortuary science program. Therefore, students will need to plan for admission several months in advance.

For more information, visit the American Board of Funeral Service Education, or Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of these required courses available at BGSU?

Yes, all the courses required for Mortuary Science admission are available at BGSU.

What majors are most popular among “Pre-Mortuary Science” students?

Pre-Mortuary Science students often enter the university as “Undecided – BA”. However, students can choose any major and still attend Mortuary Science school, so long as he or she has 1) successfully completed the courses required for Mortuary Science admission, and 2) has a completed all courses with a “C” or better with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.

How high should my GPA be in order to go to Mortuary Science school?

A cumulative grade point average of at least a 2.5 is required. However, a student’s GPA should be well above a 2.5 to be considered a strong candidate for admission.

When should I begin my “Pre-Mortuary Science” coursework?

All students should begin their basic Pre-Mortuary Science course work as early as possible in their college career.

Over the past few years, what mortuary schools have BGSU graduates attended?

Most BGSU students attend the Cincinnati College of Mortuary Science.

How long does it take to get through Mortuary Science school?

The state of Ohio requires a bachelor’s degree for licensure. Students can complete a baccalaureate degree at BGSU before transferring to a Mortuary Science college or they can transfer after completing the pre-requisite courses (approximately 60 hours).

What resources are available at BGSU to help me learn more about Mortuary Science?

Student can consult with a professional advisor in the College of Arts & Sciences office.

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