Academic Investment in Mathematics and Science (AIMS) Program

All AIMS Scholars have a unique opportunity to strengthen their academic skills and to increase their likelihood for academic success in college.  They will develop professional leadership skills required for advancement in mathematics and the sciences.  

The AIMS Program requires study leading to a bachelor's degree in STEM related fields or teacher education with majors in these areas.  Scholars should plan to enroll in AIMS Seminar I (AS1030) in the fall and AIMS Seminar II (AS 1040) in the spring.

The AIMS program has two scholarship packages with distinct requirements.  The AIMS Standard scholarship is traditionally awarded to women and students of color with STEM majors.  The AIMS BOSEF scholarship targets Ohio residents majoring in the following majors: chemistry, physics, biology, geology, environmental science, applied mathematics, engineering technology and with career goals related to renewable energy.

Part of your success in college is dependent on the relationship you create with faculty mentors and academic advisors.  The AIMS Program is designed to promote and strengthen these relationships.

While the deadline for primary consideration of applications to the AIMS program was January 15.

AIMS program mission

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