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What is "pre-pharm"?

"Pre-pharm" is a term used to describe students who plan to enter a college of pharmacy and obtain their Pharm.D. degree. There is rarely if ever a "pre-pharm" major available at a university, but all the courses needed to gain admission to a college of pharmacy are available at BGSU. Pre-pharm students at BGSU have three options prior to entering a college of pharmacy:

  • Complete a four-year experience at BGSU and obtain a bachelor’s degree in ANY major (so long as they complete the prerequisites to gain admission to a college of pharmacy), or
  • Complete roughly three years of coursework at BGSU and apply to be admitted to a college of pharmacy after only three years of undergraduate classes. With this option, students will not earn a bachelor’s degree prior to entering a college of pharmacy.
  • BGSU has an exclusive Pharmacy Early Assurance Partnership Program with the University of Findlay. In this program, students will earn a Bachelor of Applied Health Science degree from BGSU, then a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree from the University of Findlay, meaning you will be prepared to become a licensed pharmacist in just six years, rather than eight.

What courses are required for admission to a college of pharmacy?

Students are responsible for verifying all pre-requisite courses with the Pharmacy school of their choice. Typically, Pharmacy school admissions committees require the following courses to be taken in college:

  • Algebra/Statistics/Calculus
  • Anatomy and Physiology (full year)
  • English composition
  • General biology (full year)
  • General chemistry (full year)
  • Microbiology (one semester)
  • Organic chemistry (full year)
  • Physics (full year)

Updated: 11/17/2022 03:33PM