Katerina Ruedi Ray

Katerina Ruedi Ray

Professor Emeritus, Art History

Ph.D., University of London, UK, Architecture, 1998
MS, with Distinction, History of Modern Architecture, University of London, UK, 1991
AA, Diploma with Honors, Architectural Association, London, UK, 1986
BS, Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art/University of Dundee, UK, Architecture, 1978

Teaching Specializations: Modern and Contemporary Architecture, Art and Design; Global Studies.

Areas of Research/Artistic Focus

Eastern European Cold War architectural and design education, Bauhaus pedagogy, capitalism, patriarchy, modernization and globalization: History of design education and practice; Chicago architecture; Bertrand Goldberg and Marina City; public art; art and economic development

Creative Work
Re-using ready-made forms and situations in art, design and architecture

Recent Accomplishments

2004     Marjanović, I., Rüedi Ray, K., Tankard, J., Practical Experience: An Architecture Student’s Guide to the Year Out/Internship, London: Taylor and Francis, Chinese translation 2010
2003     Marjanović, I., Rüedi Ray, K., Lokko L. N. N., Kim, E., The Portfolio, An Architecture Student’s Handbook, London: Taylor and Francis, Chinese translation 2006
2000    Borden, I., Rüedi Ray, K., The Dissertation, An Architecture Student’s Handbook, London: Taylor and Francis, Chinese translation 2008, 3rd revised edition 2014  

Scholarly books
2010    Rüedi Ray, K., Bauhaus Dream-house: Modernity and Globalization, Architext series, New York and London: Routledge, Chinese translation 2014
2010    Marjanović, I., Rüedi Ray, K., Marina City: Bertrand Goldberg’s Urban Vision, Princeton: Princeton Architectural Press

Anthologies and edited texts
2005     Waldheim, C., Rüedi Ray, K., (eds.), Chicago Architecture: Histories, Revisions, Alternatives, Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press

Chapters of books
2017    Rüedi Ray, K., "Bubbling up from the Great Black Swamp: Toledo and the Southwest Lake Erie region,” in Ibañez, D., Lyster, C., Waldheim, C., White, M., Third Coast Atlas, Barcelona and New York: Actar, pp. 240-244
2016    Rüedi Ray, K., “A Clear Vision: The Glass Pavilion in Context,” in Reich, P., Preu, N., The Glass Pavilion, Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo: Toledo Museum of Art
2016    Marjanović, I., and Rüedi Ray, K., “Art Graft: Public Art and State Education,” in Sweeney, M. and Silverman, J., Remaking the American College Campus, Jefferson, NC: McFarland Press
2015    Rüedi Ray, K., “Entering America’s Century: Chicago 1943-1947’, in Arnardóttir, H., Kristín Guðmundsdóttir, Ideals in Interior Design, Reykjavík, Iceland: Hið íslenska bókmenntafélag (Icelandic Literary Society), pp. 12-44
2015   Rüedi Ray, K., “Ostrava, Creative City” in Ostrava, Interdisciplinarní Diskurs, Ostrava: Universitas Ostraviensis, Czech Republic n. p.
2009    Rüedi Ray, K., "We Three (My Echo, My Shadow and Me): Ethics and Identity Formation in Modernist Design Education" in Owen, G., (ed.) Architecture, Ethics and Globalization, London: Routledge, pp. 133-147
2005    Rüedi Ray, K., “Making Marina City: Men, Money, Masquerade And Modernity,” in Chicago Architecture: Histories, Revisions, Alternatives, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp. 242-252
2001    Rüedi, K., "Bauhaus Dream-House: Forming the Imaginary Body of the (Un)gendered Architect" in Hill, J. M. (ed.), Architecture: The Subject is Matter, London: Routledge, pp. 161-174 2000
2000   Rüedi, K., "Habits and Habitats: An Interdisciplinary Community Architecture Studio" in Nicol, D. & Pilling, S. (eds), Changing Architectural Education: Towards a New Professionalism, London: F. N. Spon

Refereed Papers Read to Professional Societies
2017    Marjanović, I., Rüedi Ray, K., “Red Carnivals: The Rebellious Body of Architectural Pedagogy, Architecture and Humanities Research Association (AHRA) Conference, Birmingham, UK
2008    Marjanović, I., Rüedi Ray, K., “Selling Marina City: Engineering Consumption,” Society of Architectural Historians Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, Open session,
2005    Rüedi Ray, K., “Bauhaus Dream-house: Cultural Capital, Identity Formation and Magazine Publication,” College Art Association Annual Meeting, Atlanta, GA
2002    Rüedi Ray, K., “Fine New Clothing: The Construction of Masculinity in Modernist Design Education,” The Bauhaus Legacy: Myth, Reality and Re-evaluation, SPSU, Marietta, GA
2001    Rüedi K., “Dangerous Knowledge: Professionalism and the Social Contract,” ACSA Annual Meeting, Baltimore,

Faculty member at BGSU since 2002

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