Alli Hoag

Alli Hoag

Assistant Professor, Glass

MFA, Alfred University, New York State College of Ceramics, 2012

BFA, University of Hawaii at Manoa, Glass , 1997


Alli Hoag creates installations and sculptures that look from ancient myth to future technologies as inspiration and insight into how we understand and control the world around us. Alli graduated from Alfred University with her MFA and received her BFA at University of Hawaii at Manoa. She has developed her work internationally through residencies abroad at Cite des Arts International and S12 Galleri og Verksted in Bergen, Norway, where she also worked as Workshop Manager. She has exhibited both internationally and nationally, and is currently serving as Full Time Instructor and Glass Area Head at Bowling Green State University.



About Alli

2016-Upcoming-Pittsburgh Glass Center

  • ”Glass Taxidermy” Workshop

2014-Present-Bowling Green State University

  • Full Time Instructor and Glass Area Head
  • Responsibilities include Instructing both graduate level and undergraduate students, developing pedagogy and managing the glass studio on both administrative and technical levels.

2013-Pilchuck Glass School

  • Teaching Assistant, Fred Tschida and Mark Naylor-Luminous Sculpture (Neon)

2013-NYSCC, Alfred University, Alfred NY

  • Adjunct Professor, Glass Casting Summer Intensive & Introduction to Glassblowing

2013-Alfred State College, Alfred NY

  • Adjunct Professor, Portfolio II

2012-NYSCC, Alfred University, Alfred NY

  • Adjunct Professor, Introduction to Sculpture
  • Teaching Assistant, Issues and Debates
  • Teaching Assistant, Advanced Glassblowing

2011-NYSCC, Alfred University, Alfred NY

  • Teaching Assistant, Summer Glass Intensive & Junior Glass Casting

2010-NYSCC, Alfred University, Alfred NY

  • Teaching Assistant, Freshman Foundations

2007-University of Hawaii at Manoa, Oahu, HI

  • Teaching Assistant, Lost wax Glass Casting & Beginning Glassblowing

2014 S12 Galleri og Verksted, Bergen Norway

  • Workshop Manager and Artist in Residence

2013 NYSCC, Alfred University, Alfred NY

  • Foundry Technician

2011 NYSCC, Alfred University, Alfred NY

  • Assistant Glass Studio Technician

2015-Glass Art Society, Seattle, WA

  • Selected for The Emerging Artist Presentations at the San Jose G.A.S. Conference

2013-Urbanglass MFA Exhibition, Brooklyn, NY

  • Selected for solo exhibition in November 2014
  • Niche Magazine, Philadelphia, PA Student Award- Sculptural Glass

2012-Alfred University, Alfred NY

  • Cité Internationale des Arts Paris Fellowship

2011-International Student Exhibition, G.A.S. Conference, Seattle, WA.

  • Honorable Mention

2011-The Studio at Corning Museum of Glass, Corning NY

  • Full Scholarship

2007-Bethel Street Gallery Juried Exhibition, Honolulu, HI

  • Second Place  

2004-University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI

  • Geraldine Clark Memorial Scholarship in Glass
  • Steinhauser and Greenberg Pilchuck Scholarship
  • Outstanding Student Award

I am interested in ideas concerning the realm of magic. Not the generalized modern term used in conversation today, but the in the sense of the ancient human desire to understand and control the natural world. Originating as incantations, divinations, and the understanding of the world through myth, magic was a way for us to strengthen our relationship with nature, simultaneously delineating our realm as outside that of the natural world. Once this line was drawn,this schism created, this sense of longing has perpetuated into our human consciousness even today.

Wound up inside of the perfectly choreographed string of DNA, nestling in each glowing follicle of a laboratory rabbit, residing within every perfectly labeled and named peak and valley in the map of the moon, this same longing is alive and strong in the realm of the modern world today. In each circumstance, these artifacts become a mirror of our selves, our desires manifest; but as a mirror creates a perfect reflection, one loses sight of the glass and silver that elicit the intriguing apparition, the crude mechanics that effectuate the semblance of the real.

The material qualities and historical context of glass embodies this sense of longing, and has been a vehicle of magic, through which we attempt to bridge that distance. The crystal ball, the mirror, yes, but what of the humble window pane? It created a visual connection of the outside world within the comfortable shelter of the home. It rendered nature as a two dimensional field, an outside, a screen.

I see this use of glass as invisible delineation from the elements, a re-creation of the “real”. A pristine world inside of a petri dish, an uncanny stare of the glass eyes of a taxidermic mount, the one way mirror of the interrogation room, the relationship I have with my iPhone screen as a means of communication. Our coexistence with glass as a material has allowed us to evolve in a divergent manner. We feel connection through mediated experience. We can create new realities through the delineated, hermetically sealed realm inside of a glass form.

Whether we could even daydream before our coevolution with this material is a large question for me.

My body of work thus far has been investigation of this idea of magic, the simultaneous lightness and heaviness that is created when the imagined is labored into the physical realm. I am a collector of stories, using indiscretion toward whether fact or fiction; I seam narratives together, manipulating the realness of objects through the malleability of wax reproductions. I endeavor to recreate those moments experienced, or imagined into a physical semblance to be witnessed with others in a mutual reality. I see my process as that of the taxidermist, dissecting and reconstructing found forms into an alternate reality. It is within the connections, or the new skins that I reanimate, that the hand is evident, that hand that endeavors to manifest creations that can fly on their own, yet to afraid to let a hold of them.



2015-Bullseye Glass Convention, Bay Area, CA

  • Lecture on the “Residency Experience”.

2015-Glass Art Society Conference, San Jose,CA

  • Emerging Artist Lecture

2015-Ohio State University, Columbus, OH

  • Artist Lecture and Demonstration-Glass Taxidermy

2014-Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

  • Artist Lecture

2012-Glass Art Society, Toledo, OH

  • Demonstration Assistant for Hiromi Takizawa and Angus Powers

2012 Lawrence Technological University, Lawrence, MI

  • Artist Lecture

2009 University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI

  • Artist Lecture


  • 2014 S12 Galleri og Verksted, Bergen, Norway
  • 2012 Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris, France


2014-The Distance of the Moon

  •  Agnes Varis Art Center at UrbanGlass, Brooklyn, NY

2012-A Form more Familiar

  • Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY

2007-A Wild Beast

  • TOWN, Honolulu, HI


2015-2300 Performance with Tinna Thorsteindottir and BGSU Students

  • Corning Museum of Glass, Corning, NY.

2014-Cry Piano, Prepared Piano Collaboration with Tinna Thorsteinsdóttir

  • S12 Galleri og Verksted, Bergen, Norway



2015-Gathering: Glass from the Heartland

  • Indianapolis Art Center, Indianapolis, IA

2014-Michigan Regional Glass Exhibition

  • Janice Charach Gallery, West Bloomfield, MI


  • Toledo Arts Commission, Toledo, OH

2013-Art in Craft Media

  • Burchfield Penny Art Center at Buffalo State, Buffalo,NY

2013-Glass Invitational

  • ARTS of the Southern Finger Lakes, Corning, NY

2012-Urbanglass MFA Exhibition

  • 111 Front St., Brooklyn, NY

2012-Young and Loving

  • S12 Gallery, Bergen, Norway

2007-Bethel Street Gallery Juried Exhibition

  • Bethel Street Gallery, Honolulu, HI

2006-Hawaii Craftsmen Juried Exhibition

  • Academy Art Center, Honolulu, HI


2014-Faculty Exhibition

  • Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH

2013-35th Annual Outdoor Light Exhibition

  • Museum of Illuminated Phenomenon, Alfred NY.

2013-Exploding Boundaries: Faculty and Staff Explorations in Drawing

  • Fosdick Nelson Gallery

2011-Light up the Night

  • Glassfest, Corning, NY.

2011-International Student Exhibition

  • G.A.S. Conference, Seattle, WA.


  • Gallery 1608, West Palm Beach, FL.

2006-Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition

  • University of Hawaii Art Gallery, University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI.