October 2021 Meeting Minutes

Oct. 7, 2021 | 1:30-3 p.m. | Virtual Meeting

  1. Welcome & Roll Call
    • 32 Reps Present, 13 Reps absent, 18 guests present, and 2 liaisons/committees present
    • Absent: Jennifer Buening, Matie Hall, Katrina Heilmeier, Emily Hubbell-Stable, Taylor Jefferson, Kaitlyn Kuch, Jeff Noftz, Travis Sheaffer, Cynthis Valentine, Shannon Tyler, Dennis Voss, Jamie Wlosowicz
    • Substitutes - none
  2. Approval of September Minutes
    • Motion to approve: Kim Fleshman
    • Second: Adam Arthur
    • PASSED
  3. Chair’s Report
    • Chair Senn provided an update regarding conversations with President Rogers
    • Announced Open Forum discussion on Flexible work policy – Thursday, Oct. 21 from 1:30-2:30 p.m.
  4. Guest Speaker - Konnie Nicholson-George, Sr. Human Resources Representative
  5. Open Forum
    • Question regarding whether virtual meetings were being recorded
      • Meetings are not recorded
      • Error in setup of recurring Zoom meeting and any erroneous recordings were not saved
    • Request was made for broader announcement of Monthly ASC general meetings beyond the ASC Reps
      • Add monthly meeting agenda to website in advance of the meeting
      • Add monthly meeting agenda to ASC Rep meeting invitation in advance of the meeting in addition to emailing
      • Add announcement of monthly general meeting to the Campus Update
    • Two required training sessions were recently announced
      • Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together
      • Prevent Sexual Violence Together
      • One more will be announced soon
    • The Outreach and Activities Committee continues to reach out to new staff members to provide information about ASC
    • Question about returning to in-person meetings was raised and agreed that virtual should continue
      • Exec will investigate Synch Classrooms for hybrid meetings going forward    
  6. Old Business
    • Chair Senn provided answers to previous questions on the vaccine requirement
      • Vaccination verification proof can be uploaded now – Deadline is Nov. 29
    • Exemption request deadline submission is Nov. 1
    • Rapid and PCR testing available in the Union – no technology access needed
    • COVID-19 hotline is still being staffed
      • FAQ page was built out
    • Student mask misconduct policy and reporting
      • More signage has been posted
      • No plans to implement enforcement teams
    • Timing of vaccine mandate to allow students to decide about attendance next semester
    • Vaccine mandate re: remote staff and e-campus students
    • Students who do not submit their proof of COVID-19 vaccination or do not receive an approved exemption may not be allowed to enroll in face-to-face classes this spring or live in an on-campus residence hall spring semester.
  7. New Business
    • Discussion on Additional University Benefits
      • Survey was launched regarding thoughts on types of potential additional benefits
    • Groups entered breakout rooms to discuss further with a Personnel Welfare & Compensation representative
  8. Secretary’s Report
    • R:drive access should be updated
  9. Treasurer’s Report – No Report
  10. Liaison Reports – No Report
    • Classified Staff Council-Sandie Smetzer
    • Faculty Senate Representative-Chris Frey
    • Retirees-Laura Arnold
    • Ombuds Update
    • ASC Historian
  11. ASC Committees – Attempted to go into Breakout Sessions for further discussion of Committee work, but experienced some difficulties
    • Amendments & Policies
    • Awards & Recognitions
    • Outreach & Activities
      • Will be issuing 2 Poll questions via email due to difficulties launching poll during the meeting    
    • Personnel Welfare & Compensation
    • Professional Development
    • Student Scholarships
    • Diversity and Belonging Ad hoc Committee
  12. University Committee Reports (Breakout Sessions)
  13. Upcoming ASC Dates
    • Nov. 4, 1:30 p.m. – Virtual
  14. Good of the Order
  15. Adjourn – 3:01 p.m.

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