November 2021 Meeting Minutes

Nov. 4, 2021 | 1:30-3 p.m. | Virtual Meeting

  1. Welcome & Roll Call
    • 32 Reps Present, 11 Reps absent, 11 guests present and 3 liaisons/committees present
    • Absent: Beck Cogswell, Emily Greer, Emily Hubbell-Stable, Taylor Jefferson, Kaitlyn Kuch, Jeff Noftz, Kristi Peiffer, Jenna Pollock ,Travis Sheaffer, Shannon Tyler, Jamie Wlosowicz
    • Substitutes - none
  2. Approval of September Minutes
    • Motion to approve: Kim Fleshman
    • Second: Stephanie Brinkman
    • PASSED
  3. Guest Speaker - None
  4. Chair’s Report
    • Chair-Elect Brinkman provided a summary of the HR meeting and discussion of the other university benefits survey responses, provided a reminder of Open Enrollment window, and required Trainings
      • All 4(-5) trainings and Open Enrollment are due 19th
      • Open Enrollment is most critical for the deadline though
    •  Chair Senn provided an update regarding conversations with President Rogers
    • The deadline to submit your request for exemption, which was Monday, Nov. 1, has now passed. Please submit your request now.
    • The deadline to submit your proof of full vaccination is Nov. 29, 2021. 
  5. Open Forum
    • OSRP, OTTS, ORC, CRD move to 400 E. Poe Rd.
    • Effective Jan. 1, 2022, minimum wage will be $9.30. It is currently $8.80.
    • Is there discussion at the leadership level of high staff turnover/retention?  Conversations about staff retention are happening at many levels and will continue to come up.
    • The monthly meeting announcement will be posted on campus update a few times leading up to the general meeting and an email reminder will be sent the morning of the monthly meeting to the ASC Listserv.
  6. Old Business
    • Chair Senn summarized the Additional University Benefits Survey from last meeting and called for any additional questions/comments from University Benefits discussion. 
      • The free weekly meal starts Friday at 2am - so the week goes from Friday to Thursday. 
      • An email from Dining Services with more details was sent out on Friday, Nov. 5, 2021.
      • New Business
        • Chair Senn provided a Summary of the Open Forum Discussion on that was held on October 21 regarding the Flexible Work Policy that is being drafted.  Chair Senn ran through the flexible work options that were discussed and provided an update on the status of the draft flexible work policy.
          • Flexible Work Time – starting and/or leaving earlier or later than the normal office hours. For example; normal schedule is 8:00a.m. to 5:00p.m; employee could request to work 7:30a.m to 4:30p.m. This type of schedule typically does not alter the standard (40) hrs. per work week.
          • Extended lunch duration – allows employees to extend the duration of their lunch break (include a maximum number of hours per week) but does not alter the total number of hours worked in a week. The employee make up the hours by arriving earlier or departing later or shortening their lunch break on other days.
          • Compressed Schedule – 40-hour work week compressed into fewer than (5) five work days. The most common compressed schedule is 4 days/10 hours; or 4 days/ 9hrs and 1 day/ 4hours.
          • Temporary Off Campus Work – a work alternative that provides the option of working from home or a different work location.
          • Telecommute – an arrangement where an employee works from home, or from another location away from campus, as the employee’s assigned workplace location. More permanent arrangement. Hoteling space is provided when on campus.
          • Hybrid Work Schedule – a cross between working remotely and working in the office (with a minimum of 3 days in the office)
        • The draft policy is based on other institutes of higher education and corporate policies and there will be an appeal process.
        • The current language in the handbook regarding the adoption of a flexible work schedule may change.
        • Will this policy be all Administrative Staff? The hope is yes, but requests from some areas/positions may be rejected by the supervisors for several reasons.
      • Secretary’s Report – None
      • Treasurer’s Report 
        1. The September BG Spirit of BG Award was submitted to Payroll.
        2. The $50 will be applied to the individuals's paycheck from the ASC Budget.
        3. No other expenses have been reported.
      • Liaison Reports – No Report
        • Classified Staff Council-Sandie Smetzer mentioned that many of their conversations with President Rogers and others are similar to those of ASC
          • Redlining” (reaching a salary ceiling) is of concern to them currently
          • An employee is redlined when they have progressed beyond their pay grade's maximum salary
        • Faculty Senate Representative-Chris Frey
        • Retirees-Laura Arnold
        • Ombuds Update
        • ASC Historian
      • ASC Committees 
        • Amendments & Policies
          • Met and selected a chair, discussed plan to add Diversity Committee to the Bylaws for next year and remind everyone they can make recommendations ofr changes to bylaws.
        • Awards & Recognitions
          • September spirit award announced
          • Discussion of annual goals, annual banquet and call for recommendations and additional awards
          • Made website updates
        • Outreach & Activities
          • ASC Holiday Lunch at noon on Thursday, Dec. 16 to use your free swipe back room reserved for ASC
          • Partnering with Thayer for annual toy drive 
          • Food drive planning began
        • Personnel Welfare & Compensation
        • Professional Development
          • Met and made updates to the website
          • Extended the dates to submit Professional Development funding
            • Last date to submit is the final date of the semester and can be used for future or past semester
          • Discussion of possible ASC wide professional development options
        • Student Scholarships
          • Met and discussed holding a silent auction by end of semester
        • Diversity and Belonging Ad hoc Committee
          • Ways to spread the word about ASC to new employees and established goals for the year
      • University Committee Reports – None
      • Upcoming ASC Dates
        • Dec. 2, 1:30 p.m. – Virtual 
      • Good of the Order
        • Trans Day of Remembrance 11/20 (observed) will be on 11/22 at 5:30 p.m. at the Union Oval 
        • Snowbird Membership Special at the rec center
      • Adjourn
        • Motion: Kari Wilson
        • Second: Adam Arthur
        • Approved

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