September 2021 Meeting Minutes

  1. Call to order: Chair Senn called the meeting to begin at 1:33 PM
    • In Attendance: See attached attendance sheet
      • representatives in attendance
      • 4 guests
      • Liaisons/Committees/Ombuds:
        • 5 present
        • 1 Absent
    • Substitutes
      • 0 substitutes
    • Representatives Absent: See attached attendance sheet
      • 8 representatives absent
  2. Welcome – Chair Senn
  3. Guest Speakers
    • No Guest Speakers
  4. Chair’s Report
    • Chair or Chair-Elect will serve as administrative staff representatives on a Flexible Remote Work taskforce. More information should be available to share next month after the first committee meeting and the Chair meeting with HR in September.
    • August meeting with the President
      • Requested to continue the townhalls
      • Didn’t get the chance to talk to the President about the 2022-23 Compensation and Benefits Request. The plan is to talk about this during our meeting with Viva in September
    • Penta Chairs Meeting
      • Meet monthly to coordinate efforts. Spent a lot of time talking about vaccine mandate and how to support various student groups across campus.
  5. Open Forum
    • More needs to be done and assessed around staff morale
    • Tests say they are expired. Should the three-month extension be advertised?
    • Barriers need to be removed from the testing. You need an app to get tested and a student was not able to complete because they do not have a phone.
    • COVID Hotline is misleading. Many people have reported not being able to talk to person. Just the option to leave a message and then don’t hear back for several days
      • Staff answering calls need additional training or FAQs need to be updated further to answer staff and faculty questions.
    • Masking
      • Need direction on what to do when staff sees someone not complying with the mask mandate.
      • Disappointed with the signs about mask the mask policy. The signs need to explain the policy directly on the sign
      • Students need to be reminded about the consequences of not wearing masks.
      • Could we fine the student for not complying?
      • Are there monitors to enforce the mandates? It puts everyone in an awkward place to police the policy and difficult for us to report if we do not know who is not complying.
      • This is the policy that was shared with the faculty: "Students are expected to follow BGSU COVID-19 protocols at all times, which includes wearing a face covering in all classrooms, studios, laboratories and shared office spaces for as long as the face covering mandate is in place. Failure to comply with these protocols may result in disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct. In the case of a non-compliant student (e.g., not wearing a face covering or wearing one improperly), instructors should 1) ask the student to comply with the mandate and properly put on a face covering; 2) if the student refuses, the instructor asks the student to exit the class; and 3) if the student refuses to exit the class, the instructor should use their discretion about how to handle the situation, which may include canceling the class for that period. Instructors should then make a Student Conduct report of the incident using the online form." Report form can be found at:
      • Common areas of concern are Central Hall and University Hall
  6. Secretary’s Report
    • July & August Meeting Minutes
    • Motion: Adam Arthur
    • Second: Steph Delmacio
    • Motion Approved
  7. Treasurer’s Report
    • An expense was submitted for the recipient of the Ferrari Award Reserved Space. No other expenses have bene submitted.
  8. Liaison Reports
    • Classified Staff Council-Sandie Smetzer
    • Faculty Senate Representative-Chris Frey
      • Passed a resolution on Tuesday in support for vaccine mandates
      • Faculty meetings are open for anyone to join
      • Trying to get clarification about work from home policies
    • Retirees-Laura Arnold
      • No report
    • Ombuds Update
      • No report
    • ASC Historian
      • No report
  9. ASC Committees – break out session
    • Amendments & Policies
    • Awards & Recognitions
    • Outreach & Activities
    • Personnel Welfare & Compensation
    • Professional Development
    • Student Scholarships
    • Diversity and Belonging Ad hoc Committee
  10. University Committee Reports
    • Call for any open committee positions
  11. Old Business
    • Title IX Sexual Harassment, Anti-Hazing and Flexible Work Policies
  12. New Business
    • Discussion on University Vaccine Mandate
      • Will masks still be required after Nov. 27
    • Poll
      • Question 1: Do you agree with a mandate? Yes – (24/31) 77% No – (7/31) 23%
      • Question 2: Would your neighbor agree? Yes – (24/31) 77% No – (7/31) 23%
      • Question 3 – Do you think there is enough time to complete the mandate? Yes – (28/32) 88% No – (4/32) 13%
      • Question 4 – Do you agree with the exemptions? Yes – (24/30) 80% No – (6/30) 20%
      • Question 5 – Do you agree with the consequences? Yes – (23/29) 79% No – (6/29) 21%
    • Will masks still be required after Nov. 27.
    • How does HIPAA affect the vaccine mandate?
    • Will remote staff and students be required to vaccinate?
    • Could staff’s BGSU health insurance be in jeopardy if they are not vaccinated?
  13. Upcoming ASC Dates - October 7-Virtual
  14. Good of the Order
  15. Adjourn

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