Educational Programming

In an effort to build positive relationships, make the community safer and provide excellent service, the BGSU Police Department maintains a robust community policing program. Part of this program focuses on educational training for faculty, staff and students. These programs focus on various safety measures and risk reduction techniques. While the police department focuses these programs on specific topics such as alcohol use awareness, sexual assault awareness, general safety tips, recognizing distressed individuals and violent intruders, officers are always willing to address other current or prudent educational topics. The BGSU Police Department is always looking to increase awareness and safety on the University campus. Below you will find a description of these various educational programs and a request form to start the process.

Online Campus Safety Training

The Department of Public Safety encourages students to take its brief, online training to familiarize yourself with department services and learn how you can be an active participant in creating a positive learning environment for yourself and your peers. By being aware of your surroundings, intervening in situations when possible and working together, we can build a safe and secure community.

Call the BGSU Police Department non-emergency line at 419-372-2346 or visit the BGSU Police Department in 100 College Park Office Building for more information.

Alcohol Use Awareness

This program will cover the various laws and penalties in Ohio associated with underage drinking, open containers, disorderly conduct, false identification, operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated, and several other areas associated with alcohol use. There is also a focus on residential housing policy and violations that are processed though the University student conduct system. There is also a focus on binge drinking and the inherent dangers of this. The instructor may utilize a PowerPoint, fatal vision goggles, hands-on demonstration, and other possible educational material.

Sexual Assault Awareness

This program will cover statistics related to sexual assaults on college campuses. There will be information provided regarding the legal definitions of sexual assault-related offenses. While all sexual assaults may not be able to be prevented, the instructor will focus on several risk-reduction techniques. The instructor will also provide an overview of what a police investigation may look like, protection orders, campus resources/support, and hospital care. It is important to report acts of sexual assault and information will be provided on reporting options and holding the perpetrator accountable for their actions. The instructor may utilize a PowerPoint, hands-on demonstration, and other possible educational material.

General Safety Tips

This program will focus on securing one’s property in their residence halls, vehicles and all other areas around campus. There is a focus on risk reduction as it pertains to property and identity theft. There are some general safety rules that will be covered regarding walking on campus and personal safety techniques. The instructor may utilize a PowerPoint, hands-on demonstration, and other possible educational material.

Violent Intruder

This program is design to go over methods to increase survivability in a violent intruder incident. The University has adopted the A.L.I.C.E. training program as a method to teach these techniques. The A.L.I.C.E. method stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. The instructor will go over these concepts in detail in an effort to prepare and empower members of the campus community should a violent intruder incident occur. The instructor may utilize a PowerPoint, videos, hands-on demonstration, and other possible educational material.

You may also view BGSU's A.L.I.C.E. video on your own.

Recognizing and Caring for Individuals in Distress

This program will focus on learning how to recognize and respond to individuals who are distressed or troubled. The instructor will provide information on attending to the needs of both the person who is distressed and those people who may be impacted by the distressed individual. There will also be information provided on how to deal with a disruptive/distressed behavior and why it is important to report these incidents. Information will be provided on the various reporting options available on and off campus. The instructor will cover the various roles of campus offices and methods the University has in place to address and assist with these behaviors. The instructor may utilize a PowerPoint and other possible educational material.

Updated: 07/29/2021 09:45AM