Bicycle Thefts


To prevent a theft of your bicycle, and to improve your chances of recovering it if stolen, we recommend that you:

  • secure your bike with a U-bolt one-piece locking mechanism.
  • lock your bike to a bike rack, not a handicap ramp, tree or signpost.
  • always register your bike with the BG City Police.

Each year a high number of bikes are stolen and left other places on campus, or some are just abandoned for long periods of time on bike racks. The BGSU Police Department collects these bikes and holds them until they are claimed. If your bike has been stolen, and was registered, there is often a good chance that your bike may have been found.

All unclaimed bicycles are put once a year into a public auction. This auction takes place some time during the spring. If you are looking to pick up a "fix-up" bike, then come and check out what is being offered. You may even find your old bike! But remember: you need to have proof of ownership in order to get it released (i.e. serial numbers, receipt of purchase, etc).


Updated: 02/02/2018 10:23AM