Public Safety Services

Campus Escort Service

The Campus Escort Service is free. Student Campus Service Officers provide walking escorts to students to and from any on campus location. All escorts wear a photo ID and have radio communication with BGSU Police.  Escorts are available every day of the week from 8 p.m. - 4 a.m. To arrange for an escort, phone 419-372-8360.

Crime Connection Hotline

Crime Connection is a campus hotline you can call anonymously to report crimes in progress on campus, or to give information regarding a crime that has already been committed. If your tip leads to the identification of the perpetrator, you may be eligible to receive a cash reward. Call Crime Connection at 419-372-6000.

Shuttle Service

The Shuttle Service is available seven days a week when classes are in session. There is a downtown route on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Click here for shuttle routes and times

Motorist Assistance

BGSU Police officers and student Campus Service Officers provide jump starts and vehicle unlocks free of charge. Call (419) 372-2346 to request this service.

Operation ID

Fluorescent invisible marking pens and personal registration cards are available to any faculty, staff member, or student who wishes to have a record of personal, University-owned, or controlled office equipment. Call 419-372-2346 for more information.

Building Security

The BGSU Police Department maintains security of all buildings on the main campus and other facilities located off campus. University maintenance personnel inspect campus facilities and grounds regularly, make repairs, and respond to reports of potential safety and security hazards such as broken windows and locks.

Campus Service Officers

The Department of Public Safety annually employs students as Campus Service Officers (CSO). These students assist the BGSU Police with security of campus buildings and property. The CSOs are responsible for checking interior and exterior doors and locks of campus buildings. They monitor parking areas, provide vehicle unlocks and jump starts and escort students on campus. Using a department-issued radio, they are trained to report criminal or suspicious activity to the BGSU Police.

Residential Units

University housing facilities are restricted to residents and invited guests. Only residents and authorized University personnel have keys to housing units. The primary responsibility for ensuring that the exterior doors of a living unit are secure rests with the residents. All exterior doors of living units, except the main entrance or other designated doors, are locked at all times. Door propping is a violation of the Community Living Standards located in the Student Handbook. Only residents or guests accompanied by a resident, showing identification, may enter a living unit after midnight.

Student Clerks

In addition to the BGSU police, the Office of Residence Life, within the Division of Student Affairs, hires student clerks to help oversee on-campus housing. A student clerk is assigned to the main entrance of each residence hall from midnight until 8 a.m., while two or more student clerks make rounds throughout the building. Student clerks check for doors that have been propped open, suspicious activity, vandalism, and other unauthorized activity.

Officer Liaison Program

Teams of BGSU Police officers are assigned to residence halls, including on-campus Greek houses and other small group living units, to provide police contact, crime prevention, and safety and security information to students and Residence Life staff.  Liaisons are also assigned to academic and operations departments on campus.

Bike Registration

Bicycles are required to be registered by city ordinance and can be marked to aid in theft prevention and to assist in identification. Contact the Bowling Green Police Division at (419) 352-1131 or click here for more information:


"Quik-Alert" is a list of phone numbers for commonly used credit card companies, local banks, law enforcement agencies, driver's license bureaus, and social security offices. If your wallet is lost or stolen, this makes it easier to report the loss and obtain replacements. Please call the BGSU Police Department at 419-372-2346 for more information.

Crime Prevention Education

BGSU Police personnel facilitate crime prevention speeches, demonstrations, and programs throughout the year. The most popular programs are A.L.I.C.E. (active shooter response), Sexual Assault Awareness, Personal Safety, Self Defense, Vehicle Safety, Theft Prevention, Bicycle Theft Prevention, Traveling Alone, Alcohol & Drug Awareness, Underage Consumption Laws and Penalties, and Operating a Vehicle While Intoxicated laws.

Lighting Surveys

Staff tour the campus to determine where additional exterior lighting may be needed, replaced, or repaired.