Special Event Services


Each year, Bowling Green State University hosts a number of special events within various venues across campus. The safety and security of those who host and attend these events is of utmost importance.  In an effort to ensure a safe and successful event while on the campus of Bowling Green State University, the BGSU Police Department provides security for many special events such as sporting events, concerts, student events, banquets, and special speakers to name a few. These assigned officers will provide crowd control, traffic control, and perform any other needed security measures.

Planning any event can be challenging and may involve many different departments and/or people.  Planning for the potential risks and hazards associated with an event is essential to the event's success. There are also other steps to planning a successful event such as reserving the proper space/venue, getting the proper permits, and securing the necessary University approvals. Please look at the below links for planning tips and event resources.

Bowling Green State University is a popular spot for 5K runs. The beautiful campus scenery, flat running areas, and central location make this campus an ideal place to hold a race. This link will provide you with the approved 5K and 5 Mile routes. *Only in rare instances will custom courses be permitted. All 5K runs will require a parade permit from the Bowling Green City Administration.

According to the Bowling Green State University Handbook, a sponsored public event must have police officers present at all times, hired by the sponsoring group. The Chief of Police or his/her designee will determine the required number of officers present. If you have any questions you may contact Deputy Chief John Betori at (419)372-2346 or email jbetori@bgsu.edu

To request officers for your event please fill out the form below.

Please note:  Notification of an event and request for officers for special events must be made three weeks prior to the event date.  Late notice could result in your event being postponed or canceled.

Event Planning Questions and Resources


BGSU Policies

Is point of contact authorized to request services by organization?:

Has this event been approved by an appropriate BGSU entity?:

General Information Governing Police/Security Services

  • Three (3) weeks notice is required for a request to be adequately processed.
  • Event must be approved by appropriate BGSU entity for request to be processed.
  • Point of contact will be liable for all costs incurred if he/she is NOT authorized to request services.
  • The number of Police Officer(s) requested may be adjusted at the discretion of the Chief of Police or her designee.
  • As needed the BGSU Police will supplement its force with staff from outside police agencies as determined by the Chief of Police or her designee.
  • Minimum number of hours that an officer(s) can be scheduled for is three (3).
  • Twentyfour (24) hours notice of an event cancellation must be given or the organization may still be billed for police/security services. You must call the BGSU Police dispatcher at 419-372-2346 to cancel an event.
  • Requests must be approved and signed by the BGSU Police Department Patrol Captain or his designee.
  • Administrative fees will be charged to organizations requiring police/security services at the following rates:
    • 1-4 officers required - $0.0
    • 5-7 officers required - $50.00
    • 8 or more officers required - $100.00
  • Additionally events requiring patrol car(s) will be charged $25.00/car & events requiring wristbands will be charged $.20/band

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