Building Security


The BGSU Police Department maintains security of all buildings on the main campus and various other facilities located off campus. University personnel inspect campus facilities and grounds, making repairs and responding immediately to reports of potential safety and security hazards, such as broken windows and locks.

The BGSU Police annually employ student Campus Service Officers (CSO). These students assist BGSU Police with security of campus buildings and property. The CSOs are responsible for checking interior and exterior doors and locks of campus buildings and campus parking areas. Using a department-issued radio, they are trained to report criminal or suspicious activity to the police.

University housing facilities are restricted to residents and invited guests. Only residents and authorized University personnel have keys to housing units. The primary responsibility for ensuring that the exterior doors of a living unit or building are secure rests with the residents. All exterior doors of living units, except the main entrance or other designated doors, are locked at all times. Door propping is a violation of the on-campus housing policy. Only residents or guests accompanied by a resident, showing identification, may enter a living unit after midnight.

In addition to BGSU police, the Office of Residence Life, a division of Student Affairs, hires night clerks to help oversee on campus housing. A night clerk is assigned to the main entrance of each residence hall from midnight until 8 a.m., while two or more night clerks check for doors that have been propped open, suspicious activity, vandalism or other unauthorized activity.


Updated: 08/10/2023 04:53PM