Campus Open and Concealed Carry Q&A

To provide additional education related to openly carrying and concealing a firearm while on the BGSU campus, the following Q&A has been developed. Specific questions related to this topic should be directed to the BGSU Police Department or the Office of General Counsel.

Yes, for members of the public, openly carrying a firearm in public spaces is allowable by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and Ohio law. Public spaces are those areas that are open to the public, such as sidewalks and parking lots and the green spaces in between buildings on the BGSU campus.

  • Yes, the restrictions are listed below:
    • Firearms are prohibited in all campus buildings.
    • BGSU faculty, staff and students are not permitted to carry or possess firearms on campus.
    • Members of the public, when openly carrying a firearm in a public space, must do so in a manner that is not reckless or menacing or actively threatening.

No, Ohio Revised Code 2923.126 prohibits concealed carry on educational campuses in Ohio. Individuals must secure the firearm within their vehicle while on campus.

BGSU has the legal right to regulate the conduct of its faculty, staff and students. Open carry may be legal for a member of the public, but it is a violation of the Student Code of Conduct and University employment policies to possess firearms on campus. Violation of these policies may result in internal discipline, including termination from employment or expulsion from the University.

All public colleges and universities in Ohio must abide by these same laws.

Ohio law prohibits the open carrying of a firearm in the following places:

While observing an individual who is openly carrying a firearm on campus may be frightening, the mere presence of individuals exercising their constitutional rights to open carry in public places where they are legally allowed to be does not constitute illegal behavior, regardless of how this conduct is perceived or received by others. To be in violation of the law, a person openly carrying a firearm in a public space must be engaged in other conduct that is illegal, such as menacing or brandishing or threatening behavior with the firearm. This is a very fact-specific determination that must be made by a law enforcement officer.

When members of our University community observe an individual carrying a firearm on campus, they should immediately report it to the BGSU Police Department. Officer(s) will respond to the scene and assess any safety risks. Officers will then approach the person with the firearm to engage them about Ohio law. Those carrying a firearm legally will be monitored.

You can learn more about Ohio’s open carry laws by contacting your state legislator. To search for your House and Senate representatives, visit the Ohio Legislature website.

Updated: 04/23/2021 02:51PM