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Welcome new students! Here are the Top 10 ways to make the most of your first few weeks at BGSU

Hit the ground running with these top tips for life at BGSU and beyond

You’re here - you’re finally here! Campus is filling up with students both new and returning and this fall is about to go off. Getting to BGSU starts your journey. So, what’s next?

If this is your plan:
Step 1: Arrive on campus.
Step 2. ????
Step 3: GRADUATE!!!

Let’s rethink that.

Make sure you’re all set up for success with these Top 10 Ways to Make the Most of Your First Weeks.

  1. Fill out those Orientation Modules online. Get two of these – Community of Care and First-Year Falcon – done before the first day of class. HINT: You can’t join a student org until these are done, and you don’t want to miss out on that. Plus, you’ll get the inside scoop on resources for success in and out of class, plus learn more about the BGSU community (hello, trivia-night knowledge).

  2. Know before you go with these Move-in Pre-reqs.
    Res Life is here for you. Need the ultimate packing list? Here is the checklist for things to bring to the dorms. Check it out BEFORE cramming your car with futons that won’t fit or an air fryer that’s going to cause a 3 a.m. fire alarm. A list of things to just leave at home is available here. (Fun fact: While you can’t bring a furry friend, you can have ONE fish to keep you company.) This link gives you all the deets on what to do on move-in day, including what documents to bring and the drive-thru check-in process (In the words of Monopoly: Do not pass ‘Go.” Do not go directly to your residence hall).

  3. Pop quiz: Where’s the bookstore on campus? Trick question - it doesn’t exist.

    All of your textbook listing and purchasing is done online. You can find the required textbooks for your courses by going to the MyBGSU Textbooks page. Click on "View Booklist" and then select a semester and your course. You can have your materials sent to your campus address if you’re living on campus. If you’re off campus they can either go to that address or have them available for pickup on campus. Check this link for the ship-to address and where you can pick up your books.


    1. Compare prices using BGSU Textbooks.
    2. Consider buying used, renting the book or buying an ebook, if the instructor allows it.
    3. Check Course Reserves to see if you can borrow the book from the library for a short period of time.
    4. Search for available copies in OhioLINK to see if you can borrow the book for three weeks from the Jerome Library or another library in Ohio.
    5. Sell your textbooks at Falcon Outfitters during the last week of the fall and spring semesters.
  4. Paraphrasing John Donne, no person is an island. If you need help with any academic questions (like, figuring out who John Donne is for your Brit lit class), you have several academic resources available here at BGSU. Get familiar with:

    • University Libraries - Here you can access course reserves and study spaces, make an individual research appointment with a librarian, make in-person or online appointments for Learning Commons tutoring and writing help, check out technology and much more.
    • Mentors - Peer2Peer Mentor Collective links up students looking for guidance from an upper-class student who is invested in their success. (If you want to BE a mentor, you can apply to be one, too.) So far, there have been 801 mentor matches, 2,848 conversations and 14,289 Peer2Peer Unique Connections!
    • Falcon Launchpad - This is a self-service website where you can “launch” yourself (get it?) toward academic success by finding you answers to questions in areas where students commonly require help. From financials, mental health and physical well-being, to academic support and advising, Falcon Launchpad is a great starting point.
  5. You’re going to find that if you can’t find something to do at BGSU, that might be on you. There are events on events on events around here and the best way to keep track is on the Campus Calendar here. Here are three things coming up soon that you’re going to want to add to your cal ASAP:

    1. Weeks of Welcome - This is a campus-wide series of events designed to welcome you and the campus community to the new school year. Events run through Oct. 2 and include fun, engaging ways for you to meet with new friends and create meaningful connections at BGSU.
    2. The BiG Welcome - First-year BGSU students, head to the Doyt on Thursday, Aug. 18 from 8:30-9:15 p.m. for a jam-packed program that gives you the first opportunity to unite and celebrate becoming a Falcon. The jam-packed program (mandatory for first-year students) includes a huge class photo, learning about BGSU traditions, meeting fellow Falcons and even winning prizes.
    3. Convocation | New Student Academic Welcome - This is the official new student academic welcome to the University and celebrates the importance of academic excellence, innovation, integrity and discovery – all of the things that make the BG experience so unique. You will hear from BGSU President Dr. Rodney Rogers, Provost Dr. Joe Whitehead, and other academic and student leaders. It’s required for all first-year Falcons, and you will also learn about the University’s special traditions and history.
  6. Get social and be informed - Like, follow, subscribe for your total Falcon immersion:

  7. You’re here for your career. You don’t have to wait until senior year to start thinking of what is beyond your time at BGSU - hook up with the Career Center and Career Services now. You have a whole team of people dedicated to providing high-quality services in career development, planning and preparation, experiential learning, and job attainment. Check them out for programs, workshops, courses and employment opportunities.

  8. What’s more impressive than one Falcon? A whole flock of Falcons. Build your networks out while you’re here for a leg up on career networking and a lifetime of reliable resources. Here are three ideas to get you started:

    1. Join a student organization. There are nearly 400 opportunities for you to find your fellow birds of a feather. Get connected to student orgs here.
    2. Apply for Learning Communities. If BGSU was a city, a Learning Community would be your neighborhood and your next-door neighbors would be your new best friends down the hall.
    3. Connect with your faculty members during office hours. Really. They have them for a reason, and that reason is you.
  9. Not sure what path you’re heading down toward your degree? Not sure what degree you even want to pursue? Don’t panic. You have friends in the Academic Advising area. Schedule a one-on-one advising appointment or even just drop in on Fridays. The Navigate app will help you stay connected, and you can schedule appointments within the app.

    In addition to earning your degree for your career of choice, BGSU’s Life Design helps you become not only career-ready but life-ready. No other university gives undergrads this multi-year journey that equips you to be able to navigate challenges, pivot when needed and lead meaningful and productive lives. Your Design Coach begins working with you on or before the first day of class to make sure you’re supported as you start your college journey - expect guidance on identifying an academic major, campus involvement and experiential learning opportunities; monitoring health and wellness; and discussing other interests.

  10. Look ahead to some fun things this year, and set your biggest milestone yet.

    • Once you’re settled, see what it’s like when the City of Bowling Green and BGSU collide during Rally BG on Main. This daylong event on Saturday, Aug. 27 sees Main Street closed down as people gather and explore Downtown, welcome students back, eat and be entertained.
    • You’re just in time to be part of history! We’re celebrating 100 years of BGSU Homecoming this year, and the planned festivities are massive. No matter what events you head to - check out ALL Homecoming happenings here - use #BGSUHomecoming and tag us in your posts to be featured.
    • If 2023 is YOUR year to graduate, we’re so happy for you. Mark that graduation date down now and plot out what your mortarboard is going to say. Keep an eye out on your online application dates for graduation and check out that Graduation Checklist. And most of all - make the most of your year here before you fly away.

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