Graduation - All students need to apply for graduation.  This will initiate the Graduate College and the Office of Registration and Records to review your academic information to determine if degree requirements are being met.  Graduate students should consult with your graduate coordinator before applying for graduation.

Applying for Graduation

Students applying for graduation must do so online through MyBGSU.  After signing onto MyBGSU:

  • Click on Student Center
  • Click the Degree Progress tile
  • Click on Apply for Graduation from the left-hand navigation area
  • Follow the prompts throughout the application
  • Student is prompted that the $35.00 graduation fee* will be automatically charged to their Bursar account upon application
  • Verify all information
  • Click Continue, then Submit

NOTE:  If you are completing multiple program, including certificate programs, you will need to apply for graduation from each program.   

If you have any questions regarding the online application, contact the Registrar's office at 419-372-8441.

Please consult the Graduation Checklist to ensure the completion of your degree requirements by the published dates.  Late applications will not be accepted.

*The Bowling Green State University Board of Trustees approved a $35.00 graduation application fee that will be charged the first time an application for graduation is submitted.  Students who receive multiple graduate degrees will only be charged once.

Online Application Dates for Graduation

Semester Open Deadline
Fall  July 15 see published dates
Spring  October 15 see published dates
Summer  March 15 see published dates

Degree Audit

Your degree audit will show that you have applied for graduation once your application has been processed.  You can review your degree audit through your MyBGSU.  Please review your degree audit to determine if your degree requirements are being met.  Students are encouraged to meet with their program coordinator if they have any questions regarding meeting degree requirements by the end of the application term.

  • Click on Student Center Card
  • Select Degree Progress tile
  • Select Degree Audit from left navigation

Visit the Degree Audit Information page for more detailed steps on how to access your degree audit.

Withdraw from Graduation

If you are unable to graduate for the term in which you have applied, email from your BGSU email account.  In the email, please include your name, BGSU ID, the degree, and your intent to withdraw from graduation .

Diploma Name

Your diploma will have your legal name as listed in your MyBGSU unless you submit a diploma name through your Student Center in the MyBGSU portal.  Students who prefer to have their chosen name printed on their diploma MUST submit their chosen name as their diploma name.  To create your diploma name, please go to MyBGSU and complete the following steps:

  • Click on the Student Center card
  • Click on the Profile tile
  • Click on Personal Details
  • Click on the “+” symbol and choose “Diploma” as the name type to add
  • Enter your name as you wish it to print on your diploma
  • Click SAVE

The name needs to be updated by the end of the term in which you plan to graduate to print on the diploma.  If you wish the diploma name to be used for the printed Commencement Program and announcer cards for the Commencement Ceremony, name changes should be processed immediately after submitting your application.  There is no guarantee that name changes processed after the 6th week of the semester will be able to be included in the program or on the announcer card.

NOTE:  Diplomas for Master's degrees will have the specific degree you earned, but field of study and specializations will be printed on your transcript.  Diplomas for Doctoral degrees will have the specific degree you earned and field of study; specializations will be printed on your transcript.

Diploma Mailing

Digital diplomas will be available after the verification of completion of degree requirements (this can take up to six weeks, but typically much less).  You will receive notification from Parchment when you can access the digital diploma. Once you receive your digital diploma notification, your printed diploma will be mailed within 2 weeks.

Printed diplomas will be mailed to your Home Address as listed in your MyBGSU.  If changes need to be made, please go to MyBGSU.

  • Click on the Student Center card
  • Click on the Profile tile
  • Click on Addresses
  • Select the home address type and make any necessary changes
  • Click SAVE

The address needs to be updated by the end of the term in which you plan to graduate.

NOTE:  If you have any outstanding financial obligations, your diploma(s) will not be released until these have been paid in full.

Commencement Information

Commencement is the formal ceremony recognizing your achievements.  For information on commencement location, seating, and tickets, please see the Commencement web site.

Falcon Outfitters Resources

Visit the Falcon Outfitters web site (select Commencement Tab) for information concerning caps and gowns, doctoral regalia, graduation fairs, and other general information.  The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) created the GSS Regalia Award to support graduate students who may need help covering the cost of regalia.

Doctoral Candidates

Survey of Earned Doctorates.  Doctoral candidates must submit the Survey of Earned Doctorates.  Candidates must complete the form to ensure that the University is accurately represented in national statistics.  If you do not wish to participate in this survey, you can mark refused and still submit the survey.  After submitting, you will receive a certificate of completion, with verification automatically sent to the Graduate College.  To complete the Survey of Earned Doctorates, please visit

Requesting BGSU Transcript

For those students who require a transcript relatively soon following the commencement ceremony, please download the transcript request form from the Registrar's web site.  Be sure to check the box "Hold for Notification of Degree." Every effort will be made to clear students as soon as possible following the ceremony.  However, due to the large number of graduates, we cannot guarantee specific dates by which approval will be made.

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