Graduation Checklist


Please take a moment now to review the following information to make sure that your files are in order for final degree approval. In order to be approved for graduation, the following items must be completed:

Full Admission to a Degree Program

In order for a student to be fully admitted to a degree program, all test scores, transcripts and credentials requested at time of admission must be received by the Graduate College.

Tentative Degree Program or Degree Audits approved and completed

Students must send written notification of any changes to their TDP or DARS audit to the department for approval prior to submission to the Graduate College. All outdated coursework must be revalidated or retaken.

Grades (minimum 3.0)

Students need an overall GPA above 3.0 to graduate. If you are below this, please see your graduate coordinator about taking further classes to bring your GPA up. Also, no grades of D or below can be used to meet graduation requirements.

Transfer Credit

If your degree includes transfer credit from another institution to be used to meet degree requirements, please make sure the Graduate College receives an official copy of your transcript directly from the institution.


All Incompletes must be finished and the grade must be received by the Graduate College by the final graduation deadline.

Non-graded classes

All non-graded classes are listed as NGR on the transcript or on the Degree Audit. If any NGRs remain on a record, the student will not be allowed to graduate.

Thesis or Dissertation Topic Approval

Doctoral and Master’s-Plan I students must have submitted a thesis or dissertation topic approval form, signed by their committee members and graduate coordinator, to the Graduate College. Students whose thesis or dissertation involves conducting research with human subjects or laboratory animals must receive approval from the Human Subjects Review Board or the Animal Care and Use Committee before the topic is approved.

Thesis or Dissertation Manuscript Approval

Doctoral and Master’s-Plan I students must electronically submit their thesis or dissertation to the Graduate College via OhioLINK before the official deadline for the semester during which they plan to graduate. Students must submit the Defense and Manuscript Approval form, signed by their committee members and graduate coordinator. Doctoral Students should submit the Survey of Earned Doctorates at the same time (

Continuous Registration for One or More Hours of Research Credit

Continuous registration for thesis or dissertation research credit is required for each semester, excluding summer session, until the manuscript has been accepted by the Graduate College. In addition, students who wish to graduate summer term must be enrolled in research during that term. The only exception is if all degree requirements have been met by 5:00 p.m. on the first day of classes in the semester you plan to graduate.

Updated: 12/21/2021 05:27PM