Move-in is an exciting time on campus, and our team spends months planning out every detail to make sure that this momentous day goes smoothly for students and families.  Please take some time to read through the details of the August move-in process so that you'll be ready for the big day.

New & Transfer Student
Move-in Days

Aug. 16-18, 2022

Returning Student
Move-in Days

Aug. 20-21, 2022

Organizations & Learning Communities

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Early Move-in

Students who would like to move in earlier than their standard move-in date for personal reasons can submit a request and move-in early for a fee. 

Early Arrival Request Form

Move-in Time Sign-up

Once you have a room assignment for the fall semester, you will be able to sign up for a move-in time in May if you are moving in during standard move-in.

New & Transfer Student Move-in Sign-up

Starts:  May 9-12 | Closes: 11:59 EDT on July 31

  • New and transfer students gain access to move-in sign-up starting the week of May 9 and are able to schedule their move-in times right after they pick their room. 
  • New and transfer students living in learning communities will be able to pick their move-in times during learning community selection on April 20 and 21.

Returning Student Move-in Sign-up

Opens: Week of May 23 | Closes: 11:59 EDT on July 31

  • Returning students will be able to start scheduling their move-in time based on their assigned residence hall. 

Tuesdsay, May 24

  • 9 a.m.:  Kohl Hall
  • 1 p.m.:  Kreischer Compton & Darrow

Wednesday, May 25

  • 9 a.m.: Falcon Heights
  • 1 p.m.: Founders Hall
  • 3 p.m.: Greek Village

Thursday, May 26

  • 9 a.m.: McDonald Hall
  • 11 a.m.: Offenhauer East
  • 1 p.m.: Offenhauer West

Once the system opens for you...

You will be able to sign up for your move-in time by logging in to your MyBGSU account and clicking on the "Housing & Meal Plan Application." You can click "Book an Appointment" on the menu above or click the button that says "Sign Up for a Fall Move-In Time." New and transfer students who just finished picking their room will see a link to click to sign up for move-in times on the "Application Complete" page.

MyBGSU Housing & Meal Plan Application Book an Appointment Sign Up for a Fall Move-In Time

Move-in Ticket & Packet

During standard move-in, Aug. 16-18 (new students) and 20-21 (returning students), you will need two things:

  1. Your move-in ticket
  2. Your move-in packet

Available during the week of August 1st, you can find both of these items in the same place where you sign up for a move-in time. Go to MyBGSU > Housing & Meal Plan Application > and click the button marked "Access Move-In Ticket and Packet" to pull up both items.

Before you arrive to campus, make sure you do the following:

  • Pull up and save your move-in ticket to your phone for your move-in day OR print a copy of your move-in ticket and bring it with you on your move-in day.
  • Review your move-in packet, which will contain detailed information on what you can expect for move-in, including how to navigate our campus on these days.

Your move-in ticket is especially important, as this is how you will check in. Not bringing your move-in ticket will delay your move into your room.

Important Details

  • You will have until July 31 to sign up for a move-in time.
  • If you do not have a move-in appointment by the deadline, you are not cleared to move-in. Please call 419-372-2011 to schedule your appointment.
  • Make sure your bill is paid in full. You will not be able to check in until you have been cleared by the Office of the Bursar.
  • To provide a smooth and timely move-in for each student, we have designed a process that will limit the number of individuals who will moving in each hour. In order to do this, you are required to adhere to your move-in appointment.
  • If you do not remember your move-in appointment, you can review your appointment by clicking on "Book an Appointment" and navigate back to the page where you signed up for a move-in time. You will see the time displayed at the top of the page.  If you still require assistance, please send an email to and we will send it to you.
  • It is VERY important you don't overpack. You can bring two vehicles with you, but don't bring more than what can fit into a compact car. 

Drive-thru Check-in Process

If you arrive to campus on Aug. 16-18 (new students) or Aug. 20-21 (returning students), DO NOT go straight to your residence hall. You MUST go through the drive-thru check-in process first.

  • You signed up for a move-in appointment hour. This is the hour we are expecting you to arrive at the Stroh. Example: If your move-in appointment is at noon, you should arrive between 12-1 p.m.
  • If you are late or early, you may be asked to wait in a designated parking lot until vehicle traffic at your building slows down.
  • When you arrive to campus, make sure your vehicle sign is filled out and placed on your windshield.
  • No one should get out of the vehicle during check-in. Check-in will be easier if the student is sitting in the driver seat or front passenger seat.
  • Enter Bowling Green from I-75 and head West on Wooster Street toward campus and follow the signs to the drive-thru check-in parking lot at the Stroh Center.
  • Have your BG1 Card, or photo ID if you don't have one, ready to show at check-in. If you have not been given a BG1 Card, you will receive yours when you check-in.
  • Our staff and volunteers will direct you through the parking lot to your residence hall check-in location.
  • When you enter the parking lot, you will be directed to your residence hall check-in tent.
    • Vehicles that will be going through the check-in process must be no higher than 7 feet high.  Vehicles higher than this height will be directed to an adjacent lot until the student in the check-in vehicle has completed their check-in.
  • Pull up your Move-In Ticket on your phone or get the printout ready (this is a QR code found in your Housing Application)
    • Go to MyBGSU > Housing and Meal Plan Application > Book an Appointment > and proceed through the Move-In Appointment Process until you reach your Move-In Ticket on the final page.
  • At the tent, you will be greeted by a Residence Life staff member who will ask to see your BG1 card (or photo ID) and Move-In Ticket. DO NOT get out of your car.
  • Once they have confirmed you have been cleared to move-in, they will check you in and give you the following:
    • Room Key(s)
    • Driving map and will go over unloading zone & long-term parking information
    • Welcome packet from campus partners 
  • After our staff has answered any questions you may have, our staff will connect with your residence hall to ensure the unloading zone is not too crowded.
    • If the unloading zone is not too crowded, you will be deployed to your residence hall.
    • If the unloading zone is too crowded, you will be asked to park in the waiting area and will be deployed once the traffic at your building has cleared.
Stroh Center

DRIVE-THRU CHECK-IN AUG. 16-18 and 20-21
Stroh Center Parking Lot
1535 E. Wooster St., Bowling Green, OH 43403

Residence Hall Arrival

  • When you arrive at your residence hall, someone will greet you at your vehicle and ask for your vehicle sign and will write your arrival time on it.
    • You will have 15 minutes to unload the vehicle and move it to long-term parking (Lots R, 5 & 12)
  • Once your vehicle has been checked in, you can grab a cart or use your own to unload your vehicle. Make sure one person stays with your vehicle at all times while unloading.
  • After 15 minutes, please move your vehicle to long-term parking. Please note, if you are keeping a vehicle on campus, you will need to leave your car in Lot 12 after you move-in, which is the residential student parking lot. 
  • Once you are in your room, inspect your room and fill out the Room Condition Report in the Housing Portal on MyBGSU to receive your mailbox code.

Late & Early Arrivals

  • It is very important everyone arrives within the hour of their move-in appointment. But, If you arrive early or late, don't worry... we know things happen that are out of your control and we anticipated this may happen. There is NO NEED to call our office if this happens.
  • If you arrive during the hours of move-in, head to the centralized check-in at the Stroh Center and we will check you in. If there are a lot of people at your residence hall, we will have you wait in a designated lot until things slow down. Once we get the OK from the residence hall, we will deploy you to your building.
  • If you arrive before move-in begins for the day, we ask that you wait to pull into the Stroh Center parking lot until our staff is there to check you in.
  • If you arrive after move-in has ended for the day, you will need to go to your residence hall and check-in at the front desk. 

Group Move-in

If you are a member of a group, organization or team that requires you to move-in earlier than your standard move-in dates, information will be sent to your BGSU email account with details about your groups early move-in process from either the leader of your group or the Office of Residence Life.

Students arriving prior to August 16 will receive instructions from the leader/director of their group on the date they are moving in and where they should go for move-in when they arrive to campus.   Students moving in with the groups below DO NOT need to sign up for a move-in time as long as their group's leader/director has confirmed that their move-in arrangements have been taken care of.

Group Additional Details (If Applicable) Move-in Date
AIMS   August 12, 2022
FalconQuest   August 12, 2022
Thompson Scholars Link Leaders   August 13, 2022
Thompson Scholars Participants   August 14, 2022
FLY Program   August 15, 2022
Generation Falcon   August 14, 2022
Multicultural Summer Link   August 14, 2022
Trio Program   August 13, 2022
Army ROTC Cadets   August 15, 2022

First-Year and Transfer Students:  If you are a first-year student in a group asking you to move in between Aug. 16-18, you can already sign up for your move-in time by going to MyBGSU > Housing & Meal Plan Application > Sign Up for a Fall Move-In Time. If no times are available on the date you need to move in, call the Office of Residence Life at 419-372-2011 and we will work with you to schedule a move-in time.

Returning Students:  If you are a returning student in a group asking you to move in on Aug. 20-21, you can already sign up for your move-in time by going to MyBGSU > Housing & Meal Plan Application, and then click the button that says "Sign Up for a Fall Move-In Time."  If no times are available on the date you need to move in, call the Office of Residence Life at 419-372-2011 and we will work with you to schedule a move-in time.

Group Additional Details (If Applicable) Move-in Date
Air Force ROTC Learning Community   August 16
Arts Village Learning Community Returning Student Leaders only August 16
Arts Village Learning Community New Students August 16 or 17
Business District Learning Community   August 16 or 17
Chapman Learning Community Returning Student Leaders only August 16
Chapman Learning Community New Students August 16 or 17
Criminal Justice Learning Community Returning Student Leaders Only August 16
Criminal Justice Learning Community New Students August 16 or 17
Education & Human Development Learning Community   August 16
Honors College Move in by 4pm on August 17 (New Students only) August 16 or 17
Honors Learning Community New Students only August 16 or 17
NHSRC Learning Community   August 16

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