BGSU is committed to making textbooks as affordable as possible for students. BGSU Textbooks provides students with a booklist of items that are required or recommended for their courses and price comparisons from a variety of online retailers.


BGSU Textbooks helps you find your booklist, compare prices from major retailers, and save time and money by ordering online.

You can automatically find the required textbooks for your courses by going to the MyBGSU Textbooks page. Click on "View Booklist" and then select a semester.

Instructors are adding course materials all of the time so check back if it says your course is awaiting information from the instructor.

How to Buy Textbooks and Other Course Materials

  1. Find required items for each course at BGSU Textbooks.
  2. Compare prices from major retailers, like Amazon, Chegg, and more.
  3. Add items to your cart.
  4. Checkout from each retailer separately.

BGSU does not have a physical bookstore on campus. All textbook listing and purchasing is done online. You can purchase course materials from any retailer. BGSU does not process credit card transactions, issue refunds, or assist with returns.

Shipping and Package Pick-Up

  • Students Living On Campus - Use your campus address when ordering course materials.
  • Students Living Off Campus - You can have packages sent to your off campus address or have them sent to campus for pick up. If you want to pick up packages on campus, use the following for the ‘ship to’ address:

Student Name
Student’s BGSU Email Address
441 Woodland Circle
Bowling Green, OH 43403

You will receive an email from the Package Center when the books arrive. Pick up packages in the Package Center located in Falcon Outfitters.

Ways to Save Money on Textbooks

  • Compare prices using BGSU Textbooks.
  • Consider buying used, renting the book or buying an ebook, if the instructor allows it.
  • Check Course Reserves to see if you can borrow the book from the library for a short period of time.
  • Search for available copies in OhioLINK to see if you can borrow the book for 3 weeks from the Jerome Library or another library in Ohio.


Students use BGSU Textbooks to find their booklist, compare prices from major retailers, and save time and money. All textbook listing and purchasing is done online. BGSU does not have a bookstore on campus.

Register textbooks, open textbooks, and course materials, or indicate that no materials are required, as soon as possible in an effort to comply with the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

How to Register Course Materials

Log in to MyBGSU to register textbooks and course materials. You'll also find instructions for how to enter access codes for courseware, open educational resources, and supplies, when to mark a section as "no text required," help guides and videos, and how to contact us if you need additional assistance.

Ways to Make Textbooks More Affordable

Consider one or more of these suggestions to reduce the cost of textbooks:

  • Register your textbooks as early as possible to allow students more time to compare prices and find available used books.
  • Add a note in Verba to give students information about the cheapest retailer, if known.
  • Allow students to use ebooks and/or older editions.
  • Investigate ways to Alt Source Your Textbook Adoption, including using freely accessible open educational resources.
  • Put the materials on course reserves in the Jerome Library for students to use for 2 hours, 24 hours, or 72 hours.

Updated: 06/05/2023 09:11AM