AlertBG is a communication system that sends text messages and emails to notify the campus community of an emergency situation. The emergency notification will also be displayed on:

  • The University’s home page
  • Facebook 
  • Digital signage across campus

Who sends the alerts? The BGSU Police Department is the primary sender of the messages.

Who receives the alerts? All students, faculty and staff will receive the alert messages on their cell phone on file and BGSU email address. 

Opting out. AlertBG is an “opt-out” system for most users. All active students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in the system as long as their cell phone number is provided in their personal information at the secure MyBGSU site (under cell phone number, not home number.) 

Users may add one additional cell phone number and/or email address to the system by visiting the MyBGSU site. This is a great feature to take advantage of if you want a family member or partner to also receive AlertBG messages.

To do this, log in to and select the AlertBG tab in the top menu. Here you can add a second email address or mobile number, including the cell service carrier. 

How is the system tested? The AlertBG system is tested, at a minimum, two times per year to ensure each component of the alert system is working correctly. The recipient will easily identify these test messages as only a “TEST.”

Updated: 06/14/2024 04:05PM