Inclement Weather

The Slater Family Ice Arena will only close and all arena programming will only be cancelled when the Wood County Sheriff’s Department declares a Level 3 snow emergency or University closure. There are occasions when BGSU classes are cancelled but the University remains open.  When this happens, the Slater Family Ice Arena, all programs (including Ice Arena classes), and ice times, remain open and continue as scheduled.  Slater Family Ice Arena staff will call user groups and post on the Ice Arena website when the arena is closed.

Rental Cancellations

All rental contracts will be assessed a cancellation fee if the customer decides to cancel the event after the contract is signed based on the following fee structure: 50 percent charge if cancelled 90 days prior to the event, 75 percent charge if cancelled 89-60 days prior to the event, and 100 percent charge if cancelled 59 days or less prior to the event.

Locker Rooms

All teams/ice rentals/on-ice officials need to sign out the assigned locker room(s) key prior to gaining access into the locker room(s). This must be done by a parent/coach/team administer. The appropriate team representative as stated shall leave a set of keys or valid ID (drivers license or school ID) at the Pro Shop or Skate Rental counter in exchange for the locker room(s) or referee room keys. It is the responsibility of the locker room(s) occupants to ensure all areas of the locker room(s) are left clean and locked with no damages. BGSU Ice Arena staff will inspect the locker room(s) before keys or ID are returned. If the locker room(s) is left in inappropriate conditions or damage is noted, the contracted organization/person will be billed based on a quoted repair and parts cost. The BGSU Ice Arena is not responsible for lost or stolen articles. The BGSU Ice Arena encourages patrons to lock their locker room(s) doors and bring valuables to the player benches during their ice time.

Updated: 08/23/2019 12:11PM