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  • Additional items available in the Pro Shop, not seen online. Please call the Newlove Pro Shop to inquire about specific items.
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  • Payment taken over the phone.


Need some equipment for the season or looking for some gift ideas for your Falcon fans ? Check out all the Newlove Pro Shop has to offer:

  • Falcon Hockey Apparel and Accessories
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  • Hockey Skates
  • Figure Skating Accessories
  • Hockey Equipment & Accessories

To order merchandise, or for general questions, call the Newlove Pro Shop at 419-372-2264.


All Sharpening

Over Night Service - $5.00
Same Day Service - $6.00


Eyelet, Rivet repair or replace - $1.00 each
Facemask mount - $7.50
Boot press use - $5.00
Skate oven use - $5.00

Figure Skates 

Mount any blades on new boots - $10.00
Mount any blades on used boots - $20.00
Stretching - $5.00 per boot
Waterproofing soles - $5.00 per boot
Reconditioning soles - $20.00 per pair
(remove blades, plug holes, waterproof soles)

Hockey Skates 

Blade tighten with holes - $4.00
Blade tighten without holes - $8.00

Skates are sharpened and measured using two systems: the depth between the two edges and the rocker, and is accomplished using a grinding stone of various grits and polished with a compound to achieve a smooth surface. The stones are first honed or dressed to the proper radius based on the use of the blade: general purpose figure skate blades are often sharpened with a shallower hollow than high-end competitive freestyle blades . For hockey skates, a more shallow hollow (such as 1/2) provides speed and glide and less “bite”. A deeper hollow (such as 3/8” or 5/16”) gives an aggressive edge for grabbing the ice. Generally, the less hollow that a figure skater or hockey player can skate with, the better. (Riedell Technical Manual, 2002).

Updated: 08/24/2022 03:27PM