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Looking for some Holiday gift ideas for your Falcon fans or skating enthusiasts? Check out all the Newlove Pro Shop has to offer:

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Online ordering not yet available. To order merchandise, or for general questions, call the Newlove Pro Shop at 419-372-2264.


All Sharpening

Over Night Service - $4.50
Same Day Service - $6.00


Eyelet, Rivet repair or replace - $1.00 each
Facemask mount - $7.50
Boot press use - $5.00
Skate oven use - $5.00

Figure Skates 

Mount any blades on new boots - $10.00
Mount any blades on used boots - $20.00
Stretching - $5.00 per boot
Waterproofing soles - $5.00 per boot
Reconditioning soles - $20.00 per pair
(remove blades, plug holes, waterproof soles)

Hockey Skates 

Blade tighten with holes - $4.00
Blade tighten without holes - $8.00

Skates are sharpened and measured using two systems: the depth between the two edges and the rocker, and is accomplished using a grinding stone of various grits and polished with a compound to achieve a smooth surface. The stones are first honed or dressed to the proper radius based on the use of the blade: general purpose figure skate blades are often sharpened with a shallower hollow than high-end competitive freestyle blades . For hockey skates, a more shallow hollow (such as 1/2) provides speed and glide and less “bite”. A deeper hollow (such as 3/8” or 5/16”) gives an aggressive edge for grabbing the ice. Generally, the less hollow that a figure skater or hockey player can skate with, the better. (Riedell Technical Manual, 2002).

The toe pick is the primary difference between hockey and figure skates. The pick is used for vaulting jumps and holding a center in a spin. Hockey skates have no pick as it would interfere with the forward leaning stride.

New and used hockey replacement supplies are available on a limited basis or can be ordered with pre-payment. Contact the Newlove Pro Shop at 419.372.2264 to confirm inventory.