BGSU Ice Arena: A-Z Policy Guide

The following letters correspond to the first letter of each policy.

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BGSU Ice Arena is an ADA‐compliant building. Patrons in need of assistance are asked to
make their requests in advance by calling the Ticket Office at 419‐372‐0000.


417 North Mercer, Bowling Green, OH 43403.


Alcohol and beer will be served at selected BGSU Ice Arena events to those 21 years and
older. Everyone may be required to show proof of age. Alcohol sales will cease at the start of
the third period. No alcohol will be allowed to be brought in or out of the BGSU Ice Arena.


No animals, with the exception of service animals, are allowed in building.


No private announcements will be made. Please visit Newlove Pro Shop located on the south
end of the main rink for emergency assistance.


There is no ATM on site.


Baby Changing Stations

Baby changing stations are located in all women’s restrooms in the BGSU Ice Arena. There is
one baby changing station in the men’s restroom closest to the Newlove Pro Shop.

Bag Searches and Pat Downs

Bag searches take place at the discretion of BGSU Ice Arena Management and BGSU Campus
Police at any event held at the BGSU Ice Arena. Other events may have pat downs and/or metal
detectors in use as well. It is recommended that guests travel light.

Banners & Signs

Banners and signs are permitted on an event-by-event basis. Signs cannot contain derogatory
images or language. Signs will be confiscated if they are deemed inappropriate. All banners and
signs must not block the view of other patrons and cannot cover building advertisement signs.

BGSU Ice Arena Newlove Pro Shop Store

Falcon merchandise can be purchased at the Newlove Pro Shop located inside the south
lobby entrance. The Pro Shop is open during BGSU Athletic events as well as Sunday‐Saturday
from 8am‐10pm, times may vary depending on Ice Arena facility schedule. Please go to and click on ice schedules for facility schedule.


Please contact Jamie Baringer, BGSU Ice Arena Director at 419‐372‐2764 to book an event at
the BGSU Ice Arena.

Box Office

Please check the box office page at for office hours, contact phone
numbers, and other general information. General box office questions can be directed to 419‐


Cameras/Recording Devices

The camera policy varies per event. Please check with the Ice Arena Director for specific
policies regarding each event.

Children’s Ticket Policy

Age restrictions and the amount of the discount vary by event. Please contact the BGSU
Ticket Office for event ticket information at 419‐372‐0000. For BGSU Athletic events, children
2 and under that sit on a lap do not require a ticket.

Code of Conduct

  • Guests shall be respectful of others around them.
  • Guests shall avoid blocking the view of other guests.
  • Guests shall not interfere with the event, the performers, or the athletes in any way.
  • Guests shall refrain from using foul/offensive language, fighting, obscene
    gestures, throwing objects, and engaging in other behavior detrimental to the
    experience of other guests.
  • During some sporting events, guests shall wait for a stoppage in play before moving
    about the arena. Guests shall adhere to the instructions and directions of arena staff.
  • Guests shall not stand on seats or any other building structure.
  • Guests shall not block the aisles.
  • Guests shall not occupy a seat or remain in an area for which they do not possess a
    valid ticket and shall provide their ticket upon request.
  • As required by the State of Ohio, guests shall not smoke anywhere in BGSU facilities.
  • Guests are encouraged to report inappropriate or offensive behavior to an Usher,
    Security Officer, or Event Staff Representative.
  • Guests shall comply with requests from arena staff regarding arena operational
    and emergency procedures.
  • Guests not abiding by this Guest Code of Conduct are subject to ejection from the BGSU
    Ice Arena and, in some cases, subject to criminal prosecution.


AVI Food Systems operate concessions. There are three concessions stands; two on the North
end of the arena and one in the lobby of the arena on the south end. Portable stands are used
depending on events. These are located around the main rink corridors. All major credit cards
are accepted.


For the safety of our guests, bottles, cans, ice chests, thermoses, containers of any kind, or any
items that are potentially harmful are prohibited and will not be allowed into the BGSU Ice



BGSU Ice Arena is located at 417 North Mercer Rd, Bowling Green, OH 43403. It is conveniently
located off Interstate-75 at exit 181.

Door Policy

Doors open one hour prior to any event unless otherwise stated in the event information

Dress Code

There is no specific dress code for BGSU Ice Arena events; however, any inappropriate clothing
may be asked to be covered at any time.

Drop Off/Pick Up

Drop off/pick up is permitted in the main parking lot; however, this is at the discretion of the
uniformed officers working the parking detail.



The BGSU Ice Arena reserves the right to eject any guest whose behavior is against policy,
disorderly, or illegal. If you observe any guest behaving in such manner please let event staff
know immediately.

Elevator Policy

BGSU Ice Arena does not have an elevator.


There are two entrances into the BGSU Ice Arena. One located on the north end of the
building, the other located on the southwest side of the building. The BGSU Ice Arena Box
Office and Newlove Pro Shop are accessible inside the southwest building entrance.


For emergencies during a BGSU Ice Arena event please call 911. The Campus Police nonemergency
number is 419‐372‐2346.


There are no ticket exchanges for any event at the BGSU Ice Arena.


Falcon Club

Located in the Ice Arena Lounge off the main lobby (southeast side of the lobby), the Falcon
Club is a 120 person rentable meeting space. The club has an independent sound system and
room layout can be configured in numerous ways.


We would love to hear any comments or suggestions on improving the experience at the BGSU
Ice Arena. Please email Jamie Baringer at or by phone at 419‐372‐2764.

First Aid

EMTs during certain events can be found at the player entrance to rink at the northeast end of
the arena.

Food and Beverage

Outside food and beverage is not permitted inside the BGSU Ice Arena. All items must be
disposed of before entering the arena.


Gate Open Times

Gates open one hour prior to event time unless otherwise noted.

Guest Services Location

The Guest Services/Arena Information area is located on the south side of the rink in the
Newlove Pro Shop.


Handicap Accessible Parking

There are 16 accessible spaces located at both the southwest section and north sections of
the BGSU Ice Arena parking lot (Lot 10) for cars properly displaying the correct decal. The
spots are on a first come, first serve basis.

Handicap Accessible Protocol

For all tickets on sale the procedure for accessible seating is as follows:

  • To request accessible seating please dial 419‐372‐0000. To request accessible seating
    on the day of an event please dial the above number and leave your name, contact
    number, and how many tickets requested. Ticket requests will be addressed in the
    order they come into the box office and will be filled on a first come, first serve basis.

Lost and Found

Lost and found items are turned into Newlove Pro Shop located on the south end of the main

Lost Children

Lost children should report to Newlove Pro Shop located on the south end of the main rink. An
event staff member will stay with the child until a parent/guardian comes for him/her or until
we can track down the other party members. Parents can also report to the Newlove Pro Shop
if they need to report a lost child.



Military discounts may be available on an event-by-event basis. Please call 419‐372‐0000.



Parking is located in several different areas near the BGSU Ice Arena.

Prohibited Items

Specific items (please see the items listed below) are not permitted into the BGSU Ice Arena
and will be confiscated. Please note that specific events may require the building to prohibit
additional items for the safety of their event. Balloons for special events (example:
graduations) must either be returned to your car or checked at patron services where it can be
picked up at the end of the event.

  • Aerosol cans
  • Adhesive tape
  • Air horns/blow horns, cow bells, whistles or other noise makers
  • Alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs
  • Animals (with the exception of certified service animals)
  • Large bags or other oversized items
        WEEKNIGHT GAMES...Backpacks are permitted
        SATURDAY...Backpacks are NOT permitted
  • Balloons, beach balls and other inflatables
  • Belts made of metal or chains, including spikes or studs
  • Chains over six inches in length (wallet or otherwise)
  • Confetti
  • Fireworks
  • Glass bottles or aluminum cans
  • Ice chests, coolers, or thermos type containers
  • Laser pointers
  • White boards over 18”
  • Outside food or beverages
  • Skateboards, roller blades, or shoes with wheels
  • Sticks, clubs, or poles, including signs or flags attached to sticks or poles
  • Umbrellas
  • Water bottles or mugs
  • Weapons of any kind including: firearms, knives, mace and pepper spray


Any person or business wishing to distribute/hang any promotional material or sell any product
during a BGSU Ice Arena event MUST receive permission to do so from the promoter of the
show and the BGSU Ice Arena Director. Any persons not authorized to distribute or sell any
product will be asked to leave BGSU Ice Arena property immediately.


Re‐Entry Policy

For all BGSU Athletic events re‐entry is permitted with a valid ticket. There is no re‐entry unless
the promoter makes a request to permit re‐entry. In the event of an emergency or a specific
need to exit the building please request approval from an Event Staff Supervisor.


There are five available women’s restrooms and five available men’s restrooms.


Restaurants/sponsors located near the BGSU Ice Arena include: Oasis, Wendy’s, Frickers,
Tim Horton’s, Panera, Sam B’s, Penn Station Subs, Vito’s Pizza, Wing’s Over BG, Pita Pit, and
DP Dough.



If there is a security need during a BGSU Ice Arena event please contact the usher in your
seating section.

Service Animal

Service animals are allowed inside the BGSU Ice Arena; however, we ask all fans who plan on
bringing a service animal to an event to please call 419‐372‐2764 so the BGSU Ice Arena staff
can properly provide the best service possible.

Smoking Policy

There is no smoking and no e‐cigarettes permitted inside the BGSU Ice Arena. During select no
re‐entry events, there will be an outside station located at the north entry doors.


There is no solicitation allowed at any BGSU Ice Arena event.

Severe Weather

The BGSU Ice Arena is tied into the Wood County Weather Emergency System. In the event of
a tornado warning, an audible tone will sound followed by verbal instructions. This countywide
system will test itself the first Saturday of every month at 10am.

Tornado Shelter Area: (Tornado Warning‐ this means a tornado has been spotted nearby)
    ‐East side restrooms and corridor
    ‐West side restrooms and corridor
    ‐Do not leave area until Tornado Warning is over


Strollers must be placed just outside the corridor entrance of each section where they will
remain until a family member comes to retrieve it. BGSU Ice Arena staff is not responsible for
anything lost or stolen.



Tailgating is permitted on BGSU Ice Arena grounds or in parking lots during selected events.


There are no public pay phones in the BGSU Ice Arena. There is a local campus phone located
in the lobby.


Children’s Ticket Policy
Age restrictions and the amount of the discount vary by event. Please contact the
BGSU Ticket Office for event ticket information at 419‐372‐0000. For BGSU Athletic
events, children 2 and under that sit on a lap do not require a ticket.

Discounts (Child, Senior, Groups, University)
Discount tickets are available for some events. Age restrictions and the amount of the
discount will vary by event and are at the discretion of the tour and/or BGSU. Please
inquire about discounts prior to purchasing tickets. Some discounts may be available
only at the BGSU Ice Arena Box Office or online at

Group discounts are offered for some events at the BGSU Ice Arena. The number that
constitutes a group and the amount of the discount varies by event and is at the
discretion of the tour or BGSU Athletic event. Anyone interested in purchasing tickets
for a group may call 419‐372‐0000 to place an order. For more information on groups
please visit

Lost Tickets
The BGSU Ice Arena is not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Please contact the
original point of purchase for details.

If tickets were purchased from Ticketmaster call 800‐653‐8000.

If tickets were purchased from the BGSU Box Office please call 419‐372‐0000 or email with the name of the person that purchased the tickets, EXACT date
of purchase, type of credit card used, and the last four digits of the credit card. Once
the original order has been found, a replacement ticket voucher will be printed and
the original tickets will be voided. New tickets will be available for pickup at will-call
with a photo ID. You may come into the Stroh Center Box Office during regular
business hours.

Paying for Tickets
Tickets may be purchased using any of the following methods of payment: Cash, Visa,
MasterCard, and Discover. We do accept checks payable to BGSU Athletics. Checks will
not be accepted for ticket purchases day of the game.

There are no refunds available for any BGSU Ice Arena event, unless otherwise specified
by BGSU Ice Arena management or Bowling Green State University.

Resale and Ticket Scalping
An event ticket will not be recognized, honored, or received for admission if purchased
from a source other than the BGSU Ice Arena Box Office, Ticketmaster, or its authorized
outlets. There will be no refunds and no exchanges. Tickets obtained from sources other
than any Ticketmaster outlet may be lost, stolen, or counterfeit tickets and in such cases
will not be honored. To be safe please only order tickets from an authorized dealer
(, by phone at 800-745‐3000, a Ticketmaster outlet, or the BGSU Ice
Arena Box Office.) Re‐selling of tickets by private parties is prohibited on the BGSU Ice
Arena property and is subject to confiscation and arrest.

Season Tickets to Athletic Events
To purchase season or individual tickets to any BGSU athletic event call 419‐372‐0000
or check out for more information. Season ticket holders
may exchange tickets through season ticket holder exchange program.

Senior Citizen Tickets
Senior citizen discounts may be available on an event-by-event basis. Please call 419‐
372‐0000 for more information.

Will-Call Window
For tickets that are purchased over the phone or online you may select will-call as your
pickup option. Will-call means you want to pick your tickets up for a specific event at the
BGSU Ice Arena Box Office. Will-call will open two hours prior to the start of the event
on weekdays, and one hour prior to the event on weekends. Please check the website
to see if the will-call office will open any sooner for a particular event. Please be advised
that there may be a line and it is best to pick up your tickets as soon as possible. The
person picking up the tickets must be the same person the tickets are reserved under.
When picking up tickets you must present a photo ID to receive your tickets. Please also
bring the credit card used to purchase the tickets and the order confirmation number in
case there are any problems finding your account. If you purchased tickets through
Ticketmaster for someone else please call Ticketmaster at 800‐653‐8000 prior to the
show and ask for an alternate pickup. There are no exceptions to this rule.



No weapons of any kind are permitted in the BGSU Ice Arena including but not limited to: guns,
knives, mace, fireworks, belts with spikes, sharp objects, etc.

Wheel Chair Rental/Use

We do not rent out wheelchairs.

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