'Navigate' Web App for Instructors

Navigate is BGSU's student success platform. Navigate unites students, administrators, advisors, faculty, and other staff in a collaborative network to improve student support.


How Does Navigate Help Me As An Instructor?

Navigate is the student success platform used by faculty, staff, and students at BGSU. As a member of the BGSU Teaching Community, you have access to Navigate via your MyBGSU. Navigate is a powerful web platform that provides instructors (you!) with access to view information about students currently enrolled in their courses. Through the platform, instructors are able to understand their individual student demographics and their classroom demographics. As we know, knowledge is power, and having a deeper understanding of their students empowers instructors to provide the appropriate support for students to achieve their learning goals! 

How To Use Navigate For Early-Alert / Progress Reporting

Instructors raise Early Alerts on students during the first 2-4 weeks of the semester. Early Alerts helps students know how they are doing in targeted classes. If you are an instructor of one of these targeted courses, you will recieve an email during the Early Alert period with information how to raise Ealy Alerts on your students. Raising an Early Alert on a student signifies to the student that with assistance, they can remediate any barriers in their way so they can be successful in your course(s). 

  • Takes place during the 2-4 weeks of the fall and spring semesters.
  • Does not affect student academic record. 
  • Is a tool to help students stay on track.

Early Alert Instructions

How To Use Navigate For Office Hours

To proactively encourage students to meet with faculty during office hours, we invite all faculty to use the same system for scheduling as advisors and tutors use across campus – Navigate. Instructions are shown below on how to set your availability.

Office Hours Instructions


All instructors can access Navigate via MyBGSU. 

Using Navigate is highly recommended across campus to help provide collaborative support for student success. Navigate gives you the ability to access information about students enrolled in your courses. You will have access to student information that assists you in understanding your classroom and student demographics. You can also see who is on the students' "Success Team" including advisors, tutors, and coaches. 

Additional Uses for Navigate

  • Navigate is also nessesary to use when “Issuing an Alert” for students throughout the semester and during the Early Alert period.
  • Instructors can utilize Navigate to set up their office hours which allows students to schedule appointments with instructors online. 

Students can utilize Navigate by downloading the app to their mobile phone or by utilizing the desktop version. Students can easily access the Navigate platform through their MyBGSU account. Navigate can help students gain quick access to support staff, information and resources on campus.

  • Students can schedule advising, faculty meetings and tutoring appointments through the Navigate app or desktop.
  • Students can gain information about available resources and services on campus.
  • Students can view their class schedule and sync it with their smartphone calendar to help students stay on track.

All currently enrolled BG students have the same access and viewable information within the Navigate platform. However, the use for Graduate students in Navigate is not as robust as the use with Undergraduate Students. 

Early Alerts

Early Alerts typically take place during the first 2-4 weeks of Fall and Spring semesters. This process takes place early within the semester to try and help students become aware of any issues and start working towards getting back on track. We target specific courses during the reporting period that are key for first-year students.


All instructors can raise an individual alert at any point throughout the semester, and the student will be connected with a staff member that can help provide support and resources.

Rising Star Alert

If you raise this early alert on a student, this means that you think the studen is on the right track in your course and they are meeting all of the indicators of academic success. 

Critical Indicator Alert

If you believe that a student may be experiencing difficulties in your course, you can raise one of the following critical indicator early alerts: 

  • Poor Class Participation
  • Difficulty with Remote or Online Learning
  • Difficulty with Technology
  • Missing Assignments
  • Poor Academic Performance
  • Inconsistent or Poor Attendance

Questions About Navigate?


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