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Welcome to Bowling Green State University! The Center for Faculty Excellence (CFE) is here to serve as a resource for your professional development as a member of the BGSU Teaching Community. As a new faculty member, the CFE has created targeted resources to assist you in your first year at BGSU. Please review the information below regarding your New Faculty Orientation program and the New Faculty Resource Handbook. As a full-time faculty member at BGSU, you also have access to use all of the CFE Full-Time Faculty Resources, Instructor Communities, Workshops, Certificate Programs, and Just-in-Time Resources

New Faculty Orientation Program

All new Full-Time Faculty are required to attend the New Faculty Orientation (NFO) program as part of their onboarding with the university. This event complements any orientation programming offered by your unit, and you are highly encouraged to engage in both. Registration and event information for the 2023 New Faculty Orientation has been sent to all incoming full-time faculty as well as their hiring departments.

New Faculty Orientation Canvas Repository

The New Faculty Orientation Canvas Repository is an online repository of information that is of value to you during your first year at BGSU and beyond. The repository contains information about New Faculty Orientation, campus and community resources, as well as teaching and course design support.

New Faculty Learning Community

Dr. Lisa Hanasono will be leading a New Faculty Learning Community during the 2023-2024 academic year. The New Faculty Learning Community invites all full-time faculty who are beginning their first or second year at BGSU. Registration priority will be given to first-year full-time faculty. To find out more about the learning community, click on the link above. To register for this opportunity, click on the button below.

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Updated: 08/17/2023 04:31PM