The Center for Faculty Excellence strives to provide opportunities for BGSU educators to discuss learner-centered, integrative teaching. We hope that through participation, each educator can develop more pedagogical “capital.” We sincerely invite you to join our community of learners by registering for the discussions/workshops that we offer.

Our professional development workshops are open to all BGSU faculty, graduate students and staff.

Workshop Catalog

Please indicate if you need special services, assistance, or appropriate modifications to participate in an event or workshop by contacting Accessibility Services by email at or by phone at 419-372-8495. Please notify us prior to the event.

  1. Expectations: Develop and disseminate resources that assist faculty in the crucial task of articulating clear and challenging expectations (learning outcomes). (BGSU goals: 1, 7) 
  2. Support, Academic Support Technologies: Coordinate and promote university resources that assist faculty in creating supportive environments for students both inside and outside the classroom. (BGSU goals: 1, 5, 7)
  3. Engagement: Support faculty to develop and utilize pedagogical strategies that actively engage students in learning and academic success. (BGSU goals: 1,5, 7) Encourage and sustain the advancement of student and faculty engagement in High Impact Practices (HIP). (BGSU goals: 1, 3, 4, 5, 7) 
  4. Feedback and Assessment: Assist faculty and other instructional personnel to develop, utilize, and analyze the effectiveness of formative and summative assessment methods and strategies with the goal of increasing student academic performance and success. (BGSU goals: 1, 7) 
  5. Inclusive Pedagogy: BGSU Missions to “build a campus and community that fosters diversity and inclusion”. (Strategic Goal #5).
WorkshopExpectationsSupportAcademic Support TechnologiesActive Learning and EngagementFeedback and AssessmentInclusive Pedagogy
Course Evaluation Data: Using Results to Inform Pegagogy (9/20)      
Safe Zone Training (9/21)      
Assessing Course Design and Delivery (9/27)      
Working with International and  Multicultural Students (9/29)      
New Quizzes in Canvas (10/7) and (11/8)      
Introduction to the Active Learning Classroom (10/14)      
Creating Engaging Microlearning Videos (10/21)      
Safe Zone Training (10/24)      
Canvas Studio Video Software (10/28)      
Camtasia for Beginners (11/4)      
Introduction to the Active Learning Classroom (11/9)      
Safe Zone Training (11/29)      

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