Plastic Bag Recycling

The BGSU community is now able to recycle plastic shopping bags on campus! As a result of a Student Green Initiatives Fund proposal, two dedicated recycling stations are available for students, faculty, & staff to drop off their plastic bags, which are not recyclable in BGSU's commingle recycling program.  

Plastic Bag Recycling Stations are located in the first floor lobby of the Bowen-Thompson Student Union (next to Falcon Outfitters) & the lobby of Falcon Heights residence hall (just inside front door).

Adopt a Plastic Bag Recycling Station - Registration Form

Student organizations can adopt a plastic bag recycling station on a monthly basis. Each station must be emptied at least once a week & collected bags need to be taken to Walmart on S. Main St. for recycling. Adopting organizations will receive an hour of service credit each week to award to a member who emptied the station that week.

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Updated: 03/20/2024 01:53PM