Recycling & Waste Reduction


Single-Stream Recycling Initiative

BGSU offers single-stream recycling across campus. This means all recyclables go into the recycling bin and non-recyclables go into the landfill bin. Recyclables include paper, plastic bottles, cardboard, metal, and glass! Large cardboard should always be flattened and taken to nearest outdoor Orange “Cardboard Only" recycling dumpster.

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Plastic Bag Recycling Stations

As a result of a proposal to the Student Green Initiatives Fund, two plastic bag recycling stations are now available on campus! Adopt a station & earn service hours or simply drop off your plastic bags to conserve resources!

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When You Move Out, Don't Throw It Out

This year marks BGSU’s Office of Campus Sustainability's 20th annual "When You Move Out, Don’t Throw It Out" (WYMO) program, a campus-wide reuse and waste-reduction initiative! WYMO collects still-usable, but unwanted, items from students as they're moving out to prevent these items from getting sent to a landfill. This year we will be collecting items from the BGSU Community and donating 100% of collected items to local charities. Thank you for your support! Learn more about "When You Move Out, Don’t Throw It Out"!

Electronic Waste Recycling

All types of batteries, electronics, & ink cartridges are recycled at BGSU through the Office of Campus Sustainability! Find out drop off locations, host an e-waste recycling station, or arrange a pickup

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Campus Race to Zero Waste

Campus Race to Zero Waste, formerly RecycleMania, is a friendly competition among college and university recycling programs in the United States & Canada. Each year, BGSU competes on a national level to advance campus recycling and waste reduction efforts by sharing and learning from the competition's results. The 2021 competition goes from February 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021. More Info about the 2021 Campus Race to Zero Waste

Re-Use Initiatives

We collect surplus office supplies, furniture, and other usable items to make them available to the campus community for reuse. This reduces our natural resource consumption and amount of solid waste generated! Check out our ReStore dates or schedule a pick-up of your extra supplies!

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Water Bottle Refill Stations

BGSU has a number of water-bottle refill stations located across campus. Refilling stations are located above water fountains and provide a quick, easy refill for your re-usable water bottle! Reusable bottles decrease the amount of resources consumed & waste sent to landfills.

More info about Water Bottle Refill Stations

Green Game Day

The Green Game Day initiative is a joint collaboration between Campus Sustainability and BGSU Athletics in order to increase recycling and reduce waste in and around Doyt Perry Stadium. Volunteers are needed for every home football game!

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The Climate Action Plan, Solid Waste makes up 21% of Scope 3, which includes all "Miscellaneous Emissions".Climate Action Plan

During a typical week of a semester during fiscal year 2013, BGSU produced over 100,000 pounds of waste (not including waste/debris from construction, demolition, or special projects), which was a significant increase in waste from the prior fiscal year.

Waste sent to the landfill is responsible for the production of methane, a greenhouse gas which has 13 times more heat trapping ability than carbon dioxide.

Information is obtained from the Climate Action Plan in fulfillment of the Presidents' Climate Commitment.

Overall goal for reduction of emissions from solid waste

"The overall goal in the solid waste area is to reduce emissions by continuing to decrease landfill waste each year, increasing our diversion rate through and combination of recycling as many commodities as possible and composting of organic waste, re-using materials and items when possible, thus cutting down on purchasing."
-BGSU's Climate Action Plan, 2015

For more detailed information on BGSU's carbon emission profile and the detailed steps to reduce the emissions, please view the publically accepted Climate Action Plan

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