Earth Month

Celebrating the Earth the entire month of April! 

All BGSU Earth Month events will be hosted and facilitated virtually and in-person

In January 2015, BGSU completed its Climate Action Plan and publicly committed to being "carbon neutral" by 2040 in order to combat the increasingly apparent negative effects of global climate change. The Office of Campus Sustainability operates within Campus Operations to fulfill three overarching goals established through BGSU's Climate Action Plan and Strategic Plan to achieve institutional carbon neutrality:

  1. Reduction of Emissions
  2. Waste Reduction & Resource Conservation
  3. Education, Awareness & Outreach

Due to the period precautionary safety connected to COVID-19, Earth Month activities for April 2022 will adhere to any and all guidlines set by BGSU. 

2022 TBA

 The BGSU Office of Campus Sustainability will be planning events for Earth Month and posting announcments closer to April 2022. 

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Earth Month 2022 Activities

Follow the Office of Campus Sustainability on social media for updates and annoucements! We offer multiple educational and hands on approaches to being sustainable at home! Also, read an educational article highlighting the environmental stance BGSU has taken over the last 5 decades, "BGSU Rallies around Earth Day".

We highly recommend taking part in the Earth Day Ecochallenge found at