Climate Action Plan

BGSU has been a proud signatory of the American College & University Presidents' Climate Commitment since October 2012

The Presidents’ Climate Commitment, now known as the Climate Leadership Network, is a document signed by the President of a university, committing the institution to taking action on climate change through a goal of carbon-neutrality.

BGSU's Climate Action Plan
Goal of Carbon-Neutrality by 2040

In November 2014, President Mary Ellen Mazey approved the final draft of the Climate Action Plan to begin its implementation.

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Energy & Sustainability Master Plan Study
Transforming goals into tangible action

In February 2015, the Student Green Initiatives Fund & the Division of Finance & Administration partnered to commission a comprehensive, campus-wide study of our university's infrastructure to determine the best opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint & ultimately achieve carbon neutrality. The Climate Action Plan is a fluid document and will be periodically updated and revised.

Read the Final Report Here

Greenhouse gases (GHGs), such as Carbon Dioxide & Methane, are emitted into our atmosphere as a result of most human processes. BGSU is carefully keeping track of these emissions, so we are able to accurately reduce them to zero by 2040.

BGSU Greenhouse Gas Inventory:

(Metric Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent)

  • 2009 - 118,677.84 MT eCO2
  • 2010 - 113,287.32 MT eCO2  
  • 2011 - 120,576.8 MT eCO2
  • 2012 - 115,896.64 MT eCO2
  • 2013 - 113,521.52 MT eCO2
  • 2014 - 99,137.6 MT eCO2
  • 2015 - 103,682 MT eCO2
  • 2016 - 95,940 MT eCO2
  • 2017- 91,845 MT eCO2
  • 2018 - 86,465 MT eCO2
  • 2019 - 81,378 MT eCO2

Second Nature Reporting Platform (Full Inventory)

Read the Summarizing Document

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