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Would your office like to become a leader in environmental sustainability at BGSU? Well, now is your chance with the BGSU Green Office Certification (GOC) program!

The Green Office Certification program encourages departments and offices to engage in environmentally sustainable actions within their office. These actions are all aimed at decreasing our environmental footprint and being at the forefront of environmental progress as a campus. There is a checklist of items for your office to do and, if completed, your office will receive Green Certification.


Can any office become GOC?

Yes! As long as your office meets GOC requirements, any office can apply and become certified.

How many offices on BG are GOC?

So far, as of December 2021, there are 13 Green Certified Offices throughout Bowling Green's campus. You can see the full list below.

How can my office become certified?

First fill out the request form below, then once contacted by Campus Sustainability you can start the process to becoming a Green Office!

Green Office Materials

Fill out the request form here
Review the Checklist here

vicepresofficeOffice of the Associate Vice President for Capital Planning & Campus Operations

April 2016: The Office of Capital Planning serves BGSU by planning and managing funding for new projects on campus. Additionally, they have planned and managed improvements in the sustainability of their office and have received Green Office Certification. The Office of Capital Planning has continued implementing sustainable improvements by re-certifying in March 2020!

Finance and Administration 4Office of Finance and Administration

July 2014, Following the path of the Office of the President, the Vice President's Office of Finance and Administration took a pledge towards more sustainable actions. We are proud to recognize this office as the sixth Green Certified office! The office has continued to show their commitment to sustainability by completing their recertifications in August 2015February 2017, and most recently in January 2020.
Finance and Administration Website


The Browne Popular Culture Library

January 2020: The Browne Popular Culture Library has the most comprehensive collection of Popular Culture items in the United States! Their mission is to preserve American Popular Culture Materials for curricular and research use. They have also made it a mission to make their office more sustainable by pursuing and earning the Green Office Certification. The Browne Popular Culture Library is the first library on campus to receive the Green Office Certificate!

Root LabConversation Biology and Population Ecology Lab GOC

September 2019: Dr. Karen Root and her students conduct research involving sustainability, and they took the steps to become the first BGSU laboratory to receive Green Office Certification in December of 2015. The lab renewed their certification in February of 2017 and just recently renewed it in September of 2019. See lab details here!

TuckerpicTucker Center for Telecommunications

April 2014: Joining the list of Green Certified Offices is the Tucker Center for Telecommunications, which is located off-campus. The home of the WBGU-TV station is now also the home of an environmentally-friendly office! The Tucker Center completed the recertification process in July 2015, and again in February 2017Tucker Center Website

HHS AdvisingCollege of Health and Human Services (CHHS) Advising Center

February 2016: The academic advisors in the College of Health and Human Services took action to become the first BGSU advising office to receive Green Office Certification.
CHHS Advising Center

2016Graduate Student Senate

February 2015: Representing all Graduate Students on BGSU's campus, the Office of Graduate Student Senate is leading by example to help our university achieve carbon neutrality by the University's goal of 2040. Taking significant steps to lower their environmental impact, such as transitioning to 100% post-consumer recycled paper, the Graduate Student Senate is doing its part to make our campus and student body more sustainable. Graduate Student Senate

USG Green Office Small Call out boxUndergraduate Student Government

November 2013: USG is the first student coordinated office to be Green Certified - way to go! USG Website


BGSU Dining Services

April 2014: In addition to a composting pilot program, hosting a green roof, and a variety of other sustainability initiatives, BGSU Dining Services took the pledge to verify their office space is also environmentally-friendly! BGSU Dining has continued to keep their office space environmentally-friendly by re-certifying in February 2020!
BGSU Dining's Website

EESpicDepartment of the Environment and Sustainability

May 2014: Being the hub of the Environmental majors, it was only natural that the Department of the Environment and Sustainability would make the step to be Green Office Certified. The office has since been recertified in January 2016, April 2017 and most recently in January 2020Department Website

prespicOffice of the President

October 2013, The Office of the President was the first Green Certified Office! The office continued their commitment to sustainability by re-certifying in June 2015January 2017, and most recently in October 2019.
  President's Office Website

OfficegencounselOffice of General Counsel

October 2019: The Office of General Counsel serves BGSU by being the legal advisor for the Board of Trustees, the President, and University officers. They took the time out of their important roles to make many sustainable changes to become Green Office Certified! Click here to learn more about their office.

WomensCenterCenter for Women and Gender Equity

November 2014: With a mission of ensuring that women maintain equal & just opportunities, the staff of the Women's Center decided to take steps to be more sustainable in their every day actions. The United Nations reports that women across the world are disproportionately affected by a changing climate due to unequal access to resources & decision-making processes. By reducing their environmental impact here at home, they're reducing the strain on resources in developing nations with less protections for women, who are often the ones responsible for gathering necessary resources such as food & water. The center has continued to show their commitment to sustainability by renewing their certification in March 2017.
Center for Women and Gender Equity

Design and Construction Green Office PhotoOffice of Design and Construction

February 2016: Recognizing the impact that design and construction can have on the carbon footprint of the university, the Office of Design and Construction is working hard to improve the sustainability of their projects and operations. Design and Construction Website


Student Affairs 8Division of Student Affairs

August 2014: Caring for and providing resources to students is not the only goal of the Division of Student Affairs. This office also has a goal to care for the environment by ensuring their actions are sustainable. Through a student worker and staff relationship, this office has taken many steps to do its part of reducing the University's carbon footprint!
Division of Student Affairs

OffenhauerHallStaff GOCOffenhauer Hall Staff

April 2015: Working with almost 800 residents each day, the Offenhauer Hall Staff is doing its part to be a good role model in sustainability for its residents and fellow Residence Life employees by being the first Residence Hall certified for Green Office Certification!   Offenhauer Towers

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