Co-Curricular Opportunities

Welcome! The Department of English is home to a variety of writing programs designed to support first-year through doctoral students interested in growing expertise with writing. Our programs benefit from enrolling students from a range of disciplines and from across the globe. BGSU writing programs are responsive to 21st Century literacies and focus on building theoretical and practical considerations of how writing works in the academic, professional, civic, and social world(s) students navigate. Our faculty understand writing as power and that, whether shared on a notepad or a screen, words matter deeply.

Students who enroll in our courses are challenged to build rhetorical, critical, and practical literacies through seminar and workshop-oriented coursework. And because studying writing as a meaningful, impactful, change-based intellectual activity cannot be limited to the classroom, we grow co-curricular opportunities to practice writing together: WRIT, University Writing Program Semi-Annual Showcase, Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection, a Game Space Learning Laboratory, and 21st Century Englishes Graduate Student Conference are a few of the many ways our programs celebrate writing in practice.  


UWP WRIT BannerUniversity Writing Program Journal celebrates student work

UWP is excited to share the second issue of WRIT, a digital journal of students' writing for UWP courses. The first two issues of WRIT feature 20 alphabetic and digital works by UWP students in 1110 and 1120. These works represent a range of genres, voices, and approaches. To date, WRIT has received 173 submissions. With a rolling deadline, WRIT welcomes additional submissions this semester and is especially interested in publishing the exceptional work coming from UWP 1100 classes. Learn more about this program.

News and Stories

Dr. April Conway and Students Present at Computers and Writing Conference

Dr. Conway, Shoupra Shankwana, and McKenzie Shaw presented a collaborative poster on engaging high school learners through social media. Learn more about the presentation

Rhetoric and Writing Ph.D. Candidate Publishes Article

Brandie L. Bohney, Ph.D. candidate in the Rhetoric and Writing Program, recently published her article titled "Failure, Flexibility, and (Self-)Forgiveness: Authentic Modeling through Distance Instruction." In the article, Brandie discusses her transition to online instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.   Read Brandie's article

21st Century Englishes To Host 8th Annual Conference Online

The 21st Century Englishes Committee is currently planning the 2020 conference. Due to the uncertainty of the pandemic, the conference will be held online this year. Updates will be posted here, so stay tuned! Learn more about the 2019 conference