Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection


About CCCC

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The Cross Cultural Conversation Connection (CCCC) is an extracurricular program that has been organized and facilitated by the English for Speakers of Other Languages office since 1995. The CCCC program runs during the fall and spring semesters and connects American students and International students in small conversation groups, each with an individual group leader. The purpose of the Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection is to develop cultural understanding in today's global community by connecting people from different cultures through conversation.

Students who participate in the CCCC program commit to meeting with their assigned group members at least once a week, for roughly an hour each week, for the duration of the semester in order to share conversation and cultural activities with one another. In addition, the coordinator(s) of the program hold at least 3 large group activities per semester; these events may include potlucks, welcome parties, game nights, etc.

Students who participate in the program will also:  

  • Learn about other countries and cultures and share about their own experiences.
  • Gain experience speaking English as a Global Language with partners from a variety of different countries and language backgrounds.
  • Develop cross-cultural communication skills.

Agenda of CCCC

The CCCC Program officially begins with the CCCC kick-off Party, usually held in the fourth week of each semester. The is where group members can meet and exchange contact information for the first time.

After the party, groups usually meet for one hour a week until the end of the semester. By joining the program, group members commit to meeting at least ten times. Groups may sign up to meet in the CCCC meeting room, located in 204 East Hall.

Applying to CCCC

Participants can apply for CCCC in the spring or fall semester or both. Applications are due by the end of the second week of the semester; after this time, participants may be placed on a waiting list. Applications for spring coming soon!

Are you interested in becoming a CCCC Group Leader (open to juniors, seniors and graduate students). Applications for spring coming soon!

If you still have questions, feel free to contact us at