Undergraduate Programs

Creative Writing

BFA: Creative Writing Major

BFA in Creative Writing

One of the oldest established programs in the country, Creative Writing at Bowling Green State University emphasizes the studio fine arts element of its degree.

Writers in the BFA Program work in intensive workshops of limited size, with comprehensive education in craft and knowledge of the discipline. This studio experience is complemented by English and interdisciplinary courses as well as competitive opportunities to intern with Mid-American Review, our award-winning international literary magazine.

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Creative Writing Minor

Minor in Creative Writing

Students can also pursue a minor in creative writing. The minor in Creative Writing teaches students to engage with the world both critically and creatively. The 2000-level courses provide a foundation of craft in both poetry and fiction. At the upper division, students can choose to specialize in either fiction or poetry, or can continue in both genres.  

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English (Literature)

BA: English (Literature) Major

BA: English (Literature) Major

Students who complete a Bachelor of Arts in English will learn to use writing effectively—including current modes and evolving technologies—to explore subject matter and to communicate.

Upon completion of the baccalaureate degree, students in English are expected to:

  • Use writing effectively—including current modes and evolving techniques and technologies—to explore subject matter and to communicate;
  • Develop understanding of subject matter in relation to larger historical and/or cultural contexts, including multicultural contexts;
  • Make connections between theory and practice. Students apply theory to understand texts, solve problems, and teach effectively, and/or students generalize from experiences with texts, communication situations and teaching situations;
  • Develop skills of creative and/or critical thinking.
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English (Literature) Minor

English (Literature) Minor

Students can also get a minor in English. Requirements for the minor include 21 hours of courses:

  • ENG 2010 (3)
  • ENG 3020 (3)
  • ENG 3100, 3110 or 3140 (3)
  • 12 additional hours of English literature coursework, including at least 3 hours at the 4000 level (12)
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Scientific and Technical Communication Minor

Scientific and Technical Communication Minor

Bowling Green State University offers a minor in Scientific & Technical Communication (S&TC). Our S&TC minors possess the background necessary to succeed in today's competitive market. Students focus on the program's core classes in technical communication and editing to gain a solid base of skills required for the field.

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Word and Image Minor

Word and Image Minor

Jointly offered by the Department of English and the School of Art, the Word and Image minor is an academic option for any student interested in exploring the intersection between writing and the visual arts through the making of graphic novels, comics, picture books, photo books, video games, and illustrations.

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TESOL & Applied Linguistics Minor

TESOL & Applied Linguistics Minor

The new TESOL & Applied Linguistics minor offers students a foundation for teaching English to speakers of other languages or an exploration of applied linguistics related to their major fields of study. Students also gain skills that can transfer beyond the field of Applied Linguistics, such as analytical reasoning, critical thinking, problem-solving skills, intercultural awareness, and reflection.

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Scientific and Technical Communication Minor

Writing Minor

The Writing Minor is timely and responsive to demands for undergraduate students to demonstrate an ability to write effectively and with confidence. The minor will offer students from across disciplines a robust, application-based opportunities to develop expertise in writing. Students majoring in Arts, Humanities, Science, Technology, and Health programs gain invaluable experience producing writing that has meaning to their academic, professional, civic, and personal lives.

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