Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection

About CCCC

The Cross-Cultural Conversation Connection (CCCC) Program is a partner matching program that pairs international students and American students for conversation and friendship.

The purpose of the CCCC Program is to develop cultural understanding in today's global community by connecting people from different cultures through conversation.

The program has been organized and facilitated by the ESOL Program since 1995.

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Agenda of CCCC

The CCCC Program officially begins with the CCCC Kick-off Party, usually held in the fourth week of each semester. This is where partners can meet and exchange contact information for the first time.

After the party, partners usually meet for one hour a week until the end of the semester. By joining the program, partners commit to meeting at least ten times. They decide where and when to meet and what to do. Many participants go to the movies, study together, or meet for coffee.

Participants can apply in the spring or fall semester. Applications are due by the end of the second week of the semester; after this time, participants may be placed on a waiting list.

If you still have questions or wish to apply, feel free to contact us at cccc@bgsu.edu.

Applying to CCCC

The next CCCC Program will begin shortly after the beginning of the Spring 2015 Semester. To apply online to the CCCC program, please Click Here